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Ori Refuge by Traama Arquitetura


In the midst of a pandemic period, of impermanence, we understand that the house starts to function as a shelter and that returning to its own essence, getting to know and meeting ourselves is fundamental. This is how Ori Refuge was born, a space that instigates all who contemplate it to return to origins and to search for balance, through an architecture that overflows comfort and calm.

ori refuge traama arquitetura 2

The concept is a return to the essentials, to materials and forms that refute the clutter and ideas of everyday life with their profusion of colors and disconnected information. We value what was used historically in the constructions of ancestry, with materials and color palettes all based on sand, clay, and mineral materials, which were widely used in the colonial period as components of the composition of adobe bricks.

ori refuge traama arquitetura 3

The traces and their organic, fluid, smooth impressions, the lines, subtly light, almost fleeting, embrace the monochromatic palette with such synergy that they allow the understanding of elegance, of the primitive. In 65 m² we distribute in a balanced way: living room, dining room, simplified kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. All exquisitely representing the Japandi style, which unites Scandinavian and Wabi Sabi, derived from Japan, combining minimalism, simplicity, and organization.

ori refuge traama arquitetura 5

In order to appreciate the feeling of spaciousness that a generous ceiling height can offer, we took advantage of the existing sheet metal ceiling of the place and just renewed it with a light tone, on the walls, the brick brings texture and enriches the environment.

ori refuge traama arquitetura 4

The piece that separates the social part of the space is the modular sofa. At the same time that it integrates the living room with the dining room, the furniture still embraces the beautiful tree, which adds life to the environment. The kitchen with backsplash illuminated in glass gives the current tone and guarantees a very minimalist aesthetic.

ori refuge traama arquitetura 11

In the bedroom, the bed with a rounded shape is the protagonist of the environment and perfectly harmonizes with the organicity of the space, in addition to that, the stone platform with sand delimit the bath area, which has an immersion bathtub and a light bench. The landscaping in the background completes the decoration and enhances the feeling of well-being of the space.

ori refuge traama arquitetura 1

Architects: Traama Arquitetura; Area : 65 m²; Year : 2021; Photographs :Júlia Tótoli;

ori refuge traama arquitetura 9

ori refuge traama arquitetura 8

ori refuge traama arquitetura 7

ori refuge traama arquitetura 6