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To Preserve the Ukrainian Design Legacy


Six contemporary projects that place Ukrainian design teams on a leading position in the world’s design scene and modern artistic decor. In horrific times of war, it is easy to forget the beauty, the art, the purity, and the talent – so with great respect and admiration, we would like to present and remind you of some of the most significant contemporary design projects on the world’s design scene, that are a creation of highly talented Ukrainian designers or take place in cities of Ukraine. We hope that the destruction of lives will stop immediately and no more beauty will be lost for the world.

culturist coffee house svoya studio 8

Even before the terrible events of late, our team had often discussed how much of impressive and standout design projects are coming from Ukrainian design studios and how they shape out to be a leading creative force in Eastern Europe. Now, with all of the horrific destruction going on in this beautiful country, we are afraid that not only lives and children’s features are stolen, but also historical sites and artistic beauty created through the years will be destroyed and lost forever. So take with us a virtual tour through some of the contemporary designs for homes and social venues that we have enjoyed publishing on our site through the years.

culturist coffee house svoya studio 1

First, we will start with this restaurant project by design studio SVOYA where organic materials, expressive rawness, and stylish artistry combine in a memorable décor composition that tells a story whilst enveloping the guests in a soft, welcoming ambiance. SVOYA has many original and signature projects touched by their creative waving of modern and ethnical, organic, and industrial.

rabbit habit yod design lab 11

Another signature social space with unique décor is the Rabbit Habit bar by YOD Design Lab located in central Kyiv. Its symbol and focal feature are the sculptures of rabbits that serve multiple functions—playful touch with its own history. The design team used explicit material’s palette, exposed piping and distinctive modern-art- meets- cozy-organic touch to create this inviting space.

rabbit habit yod design lab 4

rabbit habit yod design lab 2

A cozy small coffee-restaurant with unique and super creative décor choices, also located in central Kyiv, shows how artistic sculptural ideas can be utilized in urban, public design solutions. This cute project is a creation of AKZ Architectura design team. They turned the classic 1930’s apartment’s shell into a lively café- social hub space.

ukrainian cafe environment light metal 4

ukrainian cafe environment light metal 3

And last, of the series of public places, we would like to remind you of this unusual beauty salon design composition that introduces sensual aesthetics and textural luxury into the sphere. Say No Mo is a conceptually new format of a beauty salon. It’s rich in artistic expressions décor is composed by one of the most creative studious the iconic balbek bureau. A true art form of expressive silhouettes and memorable premises. You should check other bureau projects featured in our site through the years; they are truly geniuses of contemporary design.

beauty salon balbek bureau 2

beauty salon balbek bureau 3

To wrap-up this virtual tour into the beauty of the modern Ukrainian design, we would like to remind you of those two residential projects that give an inside into modern housing solutions and contemporary trends of urban lifestyle choices. First the inspired décor project by designer Natalie Dubróvska that turned the home into a symphony of materials, shapes and colors. Classic, vintage, and modern, shades of brown, copper, terracotta, black, gray, and linen entwine into a harmonious and stylish modern home located in Kyiv. We hope it still stands.

52 sq m apartment kyiv 19

52 sq m apartment kyiv 8

And last but not least, a cheerful and artistic combination of colorful pastels, modernistic shapes, and iconic furniture solutions combined into a smooth contemporary composition of space and shape in this residential project by Rina Lovko.

blue terracotta apartment rina lovko 13

blue terracotta apartment rina lovko 2

We pray that the beauty and innocence of the world are preserved from the evils of war.

blue terracotta apartment rina lovko 17