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Sirena is Calling You Irresistibly


Pizza has never been more stylish and artistic – at least in the sense of an ambiance in which to enjoy this delicious Italian food. The iconic /and a favorite of ours/ Ukrainian design studio balbek bureau created this amazing urban hub décor project for the new pizzeria spot in Dnipro. Sirena‘s décor project created an authentic space with a distinct and very artistic character.

sirena pizza spot dnipro 1

sirena pizza spot dnipro 3

The attention toward the smallest detail( typical for the creative approach of the designers in all of their projects) creates unique and entertaining accents, from the metal cards that decorate the ceiling to the furniture and mosaics that look like a reminiscent artistic read of Soviet public dining hall. The design concept combines this socialistic – architecture take with a contemporary dynamic read on urban dining spaces and street art insertions. The branding of the pizzeria, including the graffiti in the bathroom and the inscription on the facade, are designed by artist Sasha Blagov. And another local artist created the accent of the décor – the mosaic panel by the artists EtchingRoom 1. This almost “naivistic-art” style work plays on the pizzeria’s name, depicted in an ancient Greek myth of a siren and sailors, whom she lures with her singing.

sirena pizza spot dnipro 7

sirena pizza spot dnipro 9

The main area of the pizzeria includes a non-standard linear sitting arrangement facing the facade windows, thus establishing a visual connection between the space and the street: another detail of the urban and dynamic character of the design concept. The industrial lamps lighting the hall and the almost minimalist yet very dynamic outside sitting arrangement crafted by concrete, metal, and solid wood- complete the artistic urban space for this design project.

sirena pizza spot dnipro 5

Architects: Slava Balbek, Bohodar Lysenko; Project area: 58 sq. m; Project year: 2021; Location: Dnipro, Ukraine; Photo credits: Maryan Beresh;

sirena pizza spot dnipro 2

sirena pizza spot dnipro 12

sirena pizza spot dnipro 8

sirena pizza spot dnipro 6

sirena pizza spot dnipro 4sirena pizza spot dnipro 11