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Interior With Organic Textures And Raw Finishes by Far Design


An eclectic merger of ideas, materials and elegant styles in this contemporary apartment by Far Design. The apartment’s fresh and crisp atmosphere is achieved by stylish entwinement between traditional organic textures and constructs (like the bamboo sliding doors and storage units), modern ( even futuristic) design elements, and never dying classics and elegant touches.

far design apartment 1

far design apartment 14

The heart of the space is enveloped in light and natural colors, organic material, and clean lines. Two design concept zones are formed; an open plan layout of social zones- kitchen- functional and simplistic in colors and shapes, a large table in the dining zone, and a modern furniture and carpet arrangement for the soft sitting area. The more private areas, the corridors, and bedrooms are decided in warmer tonalities and abundant usage of plywood, wooden veneer, and bamboo elements.

far design apartment 12

far design apartment 9

Some pieces of furnishing are influenced by the mid-century modern aesthetics, some by the Scandinavian purity of lines and materials, some by the Asian simplicity and natural feel. But the overall expression of this eclectic, urban jewel is modern and fresh. Some trendy insertions give that characteristic fashionable spin of the decor composition- gorgeous terrazzo flooring ( with red hues) alternates with polished and easy-to-maintain flooring in the social areas and warmer wooden accents in the privet quarters.

far design apartment 2

Another hot and trendy touch of the design concept is the glass separation doors between different zones fashionably framed by black metal frames. This popular space separation technique secures unobstructed natural light in all premises and continuity of visual expression between different functional zones.

far design apartment 4

far design apartment 3

far design apartment 5

far design apartment 11

far design apartment 6

far design apartment 7

far design apartment 8