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Graphite Color Apartment Interior by HOHO Design


Metal and glass meshes, shining surfaces, neon lights, and play of contrast characterize this ultra-modern apartment design created by the trendy Asian bureau HOHO Design. This contemporary urban dwelling offers an intriguing entwinement of raw metal and concrete coldness with artistic shapes, soft colors, and soft elements from the décor, thus achieving a dynamic juxtaposition and expressive contemporary character.

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The concept of contrasts in the design of this one-bedroom apartment continues in the color palette selection – a base of neutral gray with pops of black accents and burgundy pinks in the private areas. The monochrome color base allows the play of materials to stand out in the overall expression of the composition.

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The metal shines of intriguing design solutions stands out beautifully on the base of polished concrete floors and cement walls forming rounded corners. The amazing metal glass mesh construct that separates the kitchen corner from the rest of the social zones gives a strong focal point and a tone for modernistic décor expression. The fashionable metal chairs by the irregularly shaped dining table reaffirm the shining stainless steel as a strong protagonist from the décor project.

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The granite TV wall and the shining black furniture pieces form the third accent in colors and material in this play of contrast in the décor. The flow of the open space plan of the social zones is not interrupted by the kitchen box separation thanks to its artistic, almost sculptural presence. While securing isolation for the food preparation zone and the smells coming from that process. The rounded corners and unusual shapes used by the designers throughout the project reaffirm the futuristic expression of this modern urban aesthetics.


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