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In a mood for modern urban drinks and fast-paced foods under neon lights? This strong expression of urban bar interior in central Moscow is designed in semi playful fashion by the KIDZ Design studio.

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The graphic pattern of the turquoise terrazzo flooring contrast with the stainless steel of the furniture and with the expressive, mustard yellow, futuristic-retro accents. And we say futuristic retro as a play of meaning because, like that stylistics’ name, the décor is bold, contradictory, playful mystery and yet somehow not making sense and denying-access expression of urban lifestyle stylistic. Although the place is like an after-party, fast- food, and drinks sanctuary, its playful name – Drunk Delon, and matching stylistic of design gives it a distinctive character.

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Adapting the concept of “walk in-have fun-walk out” the design team created two types of areas; an everyday format with comfortable low seating furniture arrangements and a Friday party-night with space for dancing and fun. The signature sofa with its characteristic mustard upholstery can be easily disassembled and alongside the other sitting furniture tucked away to free space for movement.

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In tune with the dynamic character and shining metal, artistic décor touches the neon lights, and large round lamps borrowed from the movie industry decorate the urban-design premises. The optical distortion caused by the contrasting materials, colors, and shapes gives additional urban dynamics to the décor composition. Terrazzo and veldt, stainless steel, and organic hints, like clay tiles and wooden accents, create a space of juxtapositions and energetic vibes. Almost all finishing materials, lamps, and furniture elements are custom-made by the sketches of the designers.

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Design firms: KIDZ – Design; Architects: Egor Bogomolov, Victor Aurov, Ivan Gorbunov, Daria Papkova; Visualization: Tatiana Kurochkina; Photo: Polina Poludkina; Location: Moscow, Russia; Branding/identity: choice.studio; Area: 30 sq.m.; Year: 2021;

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