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WHAM apartment by NoemaSpace


A wonderful example of clean, modern design, standing in the perfect center of organic, natural feel and dynamic urban lifestyle. Another center of balance for the apartment’s design is the utilitarian purity conceived by the noema space team for the four pets of the apartment’s owners and the personal individuality touches giving rich texture to the décor composition.

noemaspace 16

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Gentle seamless flow between the different zones of this elegant modern space graces the functionality with a trendy smoothness. The small urban space offers an abundant natural light that gives a spacious, free feel to the decor composition. Clever design choices (like the boundless flow from one area to another, the trendy clear glass separation of the bedroom space – with super elegant and fashionable thin black metal frame) further extend the visual impact of the composition. Rooms flow quietly into each other, providing a sense of visual and functional integrity to the home.

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Comfy and functional furniture pieces follow the tone set by the elegant and clean materials selection and give a bright feel to the space, solid wood and polished concrete floors alternate with softer textures, plywood, and sandstone. We love the well-balanced selection that does not overload the design and yet gives a distinct accent to each space. Trendy modular sofa with large rectangle shapes offers comfort in the living room. Its charcoal hue contrast with the beige-pinkish carpet. A beautiful vertical green wall gives a focal accent to the cute kitchenette and dining setting.

noemaspace 5

noemaspace 1

The master bedroom is defined by another piece of distinctive carpet and the thin black lines and frames of furniture silhouettes. Throughout the apartment, trendy lamps in mat black (a leading color accent for the décor) give an elegant modern focus for the small details of the design idea. The beautiful modern bathroom space is the only one that is defined by traditional doors and walls and hosts a comfortable and elegant space with modern basins and materials.

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