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Contemporary Elements and a Dynamic Palette of Colors at StudioTamat Apartment


Charming aristocratic artistry entwined with modern urban trends – this intriguing Italian project design by studiotamat is a wonderful example of contemporary urban apartment décor. Of course, the first detail from the design composition that grabs the attention is the purposely aged walls and their patina paint. A striking effect that brings the memory of ancient past that is so abundant in Roman’s history. This romantic inspiration is paired with super trendy and fashionable interior touches generous and artistic tile selection and constructs, modern furniture lines, rounded mirrors, and visually dynamic space separations that extend and enrich the spatial arrangement.

Casa Totem studiotamat 9

Casa Totem studiotamat 4

Casa Totem studiotamat 13

The apartment’s premise is not big – it can be an honorably part of our collection of contemporary urban dwellings with ingenious designs for limited spaces but offers a dynamic and creative interior composition that extends its impact. The entrance is a charming mixture of rustic feel (the exposed brick ceiling and patina on the walls) and contemporary elegance with the presence of the rounded custom-created mirror.

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The open floor plan of the apartment connects without doors and actual walls the master bedroom and the living room with its simple, colorful and modern décor and furniture arrangement. A customized sculptural furniture piece secures the privacy of the bedroom with its sculptural composition. The bedroom, on the other hand, is connected in an open flow with the bathroom basin and an artistic tile mesh gives a peek into the shower glass separated space.

Casa Totem studiotamat 12

A small and narrow kitchenette is the only space with a separation door, and it actually occupies an additionally covered balcony. In the color interior composition, hues of pastel pinks, dark burgundy nuances, and vital oranges create a space of warmth and vital dynamics. Trendy brass lamps and customized lighting solutions illuminate that design’s charm. The oblong shape and rounded corners of mirrors, structural arches, and even lamps give the design idea additional softness and a common theme. Playful chick with the hint of futuristic artistry.

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