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Minimalist Interior Design by ZROBIM architects


This beautiful modern urban apartment project by ZROBIM architects in Minks, Belarus, is an intriguing example of how elegance, style, and artistic spin can give the pure sensation of minimalism without denying the richness of ornaments and colors in our lives. Exquisite white base with pops of colors, undulated frames, and intriguing shapes dominate the overall feel of the space. The distinctive usage of rounded corners ( in walls, custom-made storage units, furniture, and decorative objects) gives the space design a predominantly soft and feminine look.

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Changing the initial layout of the apartment, the design team created a relaxing, warm, and welcoming ambiance consistent with two zones (transit and living). This configuration is tailored for the young family of three for which this home is designed. The main goal of creating an ambiance of a well-balanced space for relaxation and tranquility is achieved by using a very characteristic color scheme, natural materials, and expressive textures and shapes.

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The explicit pink-burgundy color frame that starts from the entrance and continues in a seamless flow throughout the kitchen gives an interesting accent to the white and beige softness of the living room welcoming ambiance. The pieces of furniture creating the comfort of this almost minimalistic ambiance are specially tailored according to the inhabitants’ needs and wants. The modular sofa follows the sketches of the owners and their height and measures, the dining table – standing on the transition between kitchen and living room- replicates the flooring in the color of whitewashed wood and is made of solid wood in order to have exquisite tactile sensations.

zrobim architects 3

Intriguing colorful tile rims and bathrooms color composition are achieved with the tile collections from WOW Ceramica. Thanks to the color play in the rims, different zones are distinguished in the minimalistic décor composition of the apartment- hallway, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms are all with their characteristic tile frames and colors. Minimalism and dramatism in the color combinations and stylish urban décor with exist touch of a resort holiday.

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Studio: ZROBIM architects; Architects: Yuliya BaryliukAlexey Korablev; Photo: Elizaveta Kulenenok; Location: st. Morskoy rif, 2, Minsk; Area: 84 m2; Year: 2021; Decor: Z.end Moonlight Room; Art: Anastasia Rydlevskaya;

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