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Musician’s Apartment by Julia Baydyk


Color isn’t something to be afraid of. Bright colors fill our lives with emotions. Rich blue and noble maroon colors have become the leitmotifs of the Musician’s apartment. Something special can be created even using simple materials as a play of colors, texture and rhythm of tiles, rare musical instruments, ceramics and decor.

musicians apartment 16

musicians apartment 14

As our customers gave us freedom, the project was implemented without any special requirements and restrictions, except for the budget. If you live in the same environment all the time, you will get stuck and bored. Therefore, we tried to avoid stagnation, using unusual shades and trying to leverage them somehow giving the dynamics to the interiors.

musicians apartment 13

The bedroom turned out to be very theatrical, with a large sitting area and a cube clothes room that resembles a dressing room. We built it on purpose to hide all things here and free space up from unnecessary details as much as possible.

musicians apartment 9

The space in the kitchen-living room has become quite free, we have hidden the refrigerator, there is a lot of cupboards and shelves. The color of the kitchen is called “Silk stone” – a very beautiful calm color that plays interesting shades at different times of the day. Bright green Svartisen chairs add emotion to the calm graphite background and complement the overall picture with the mood of Northern Scandinavian design, turning out stylish and functional.

musicians apartment 12

Project name: MUSICIAN’S APARTMENT; Author: Julia Baydyk; Studio: ALTA IDEA; Location: Kyiv, Ukraine; Area: 59 m2; Year of completion: 2020; Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko;

musicians apartment 8

musicians apartment 7

musicians apartment 6

musicians apartment 3

musicians apartment 2

musicians apartment 15

musicians apartment 5

musicians apartment 1

musicians apartment 4