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A Nordic-Inspired Interior Design


Modern one room space with elegant Scandinavian décor touches and cute retro hints design by INT2 architecture. One can hardly believe that this fantastic design project in St. Petersburg is for rent – it has nothing to do with the generic arrangement usually reserved for the rental places.

int2architecture 1

Here a an elegant cheater based on earthly, monochrome colors, warmed up by characteristic wooden elements, is established alongside the trendy modern touches that make the contemporary urban design functional and expressive.

int2architecture 2

An open floor plan is divided into two functional zones – social and private: hallway, kitchen, living room, and bedroom-bathroom in a dynamic, transparent and modern sequence. Visually the abundant light from the three large windows flows unobstructed through the trendy glass – metal frame separations – a trend we often see in small urban spaces.

int2architecture 7

Polished concrete floors, exposed piping, and raw wood surfaces give an industrial hint. That is elegantly softened by the organic textures and gorgeous wooden furniture elements. The continuity of color and texture between the floors and the lower half of the walls obtains the visual extension of space. The transition of horizontal to a vertical expression of colors goes through a change of textures – cement to wood, carpet to a sofa. On this monochrome base, furniture and décor elements from various stylistics: mid-century modern, hints of Scandinavian purity and functionality, and retro winks to the location’s rich history; combine in an eclectic modern mix with minimalist, fresh purity.

int2architecture 3

The bathroom is clad in trendy white metro tiles and a beautiful wooden sing plot. The half duality of wall color is quite trendy of late, as well, and here it is executed in a stylish and simplistic manner.

int2architecture 13

int2architecture 15

int2architecture 5

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