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DOT Coffee Station #1 by YOD Group


Eclectic city cafe design with an urban pulse and artistic heart. The design project for this trendy Kyiv café – DOT Coffee Station #1- is created by the experienced YOD Group design team.

dot coffee station yod group 12

Although it looks raw with rough, unfinished details, it actually pays amazing attention to the smallest detail. Using the fresh techno idea of the dot as a pixel and creating amazing terracotta mosaics from miniature square tiles, the designers tuned each wall, step, and space into a piece of art in itself.

dot coffee station yod group

The pixel theme and the mosaic art are present in each space of the small café decor- the font wall greeting customers in the entrance, the “hart nuke” inviting you to sit and rewind, even the bathroom. The dialog between those sleek, playful, and modernistic (like in a high-speed electronic game) touches and the raw organic presence of the exposed brick walls and reclaimed timber structures is amazing.

dot coffee station yod group 4

Dynamic contradiction and juxtapositions between roughly cut holes in the brick wall and smoot stainless steel structures, between pure white mini ceramics and huge timber beams forming the bar area, are creating a place that corresponds well with the fast pace of the urban dynamic and the unexpected feature of energetic movements. Exposed pipping’s, sliding neon texts in a usual strip screen, elegant yet industrial lighting scheme- all speak of bold, innovative, and intriguing expression of modern urban coffee design.

dot coffee station yod group 1

The design team reveals the intention behind the pixel graphics “We deliberately chose not to convey any hidden message in this picture, but create something weird, sincere and universal. The graphic in DOT is pure emotion.’’ Although ultra-modern and innovative, a sustainability base was laid for the décor- exposing the beautiful brick structure of the original 1900 building, using reclaimed timber beams and recyclable paper cups – the venue design claims its spot in more caring and thoughtful urban culture.

dot coffee station yod group 13

location: 1, Baseina st. Kyiv, Ukraine; area: 30.6 m²; completed: 2021; Architects: YOD Group; graphic design: PRAVDA design; photographer: Andriy Bezuglov;

dot coffee station yod group 2

dot coffee station yod group 7

dot coffee station yod group 11

dot coffee station yod group 6

dot coffee station yod group 8