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Vavilova Apartment by Le Atelier


An apartment in Moscow is located in a new house among the buildings of the mid-20th century. Initially, we were faced with the task of making an apartment for two very noisy and active children and a married couple who spend a lot of time outside Russia.

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It was important for them to give the main space with a long corner window to the maximally open living room, where everyone will spend a lot of time together, as well as cook and watch a movie on a large projection screen. Customers came to us realizing that over the years of work we have formed our own language, which includes elements of amateur architecture, the beauty of randomness, and works with inexpensive materials, which we love to find new applications and see new readings of their meanings.

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Having opened the door to the apartment, we find ourselves in a long corridor that ends with a living room, from the corridor we find ourselves in all the premises of the house, except for the master’s bathroom with a door from the bedroom. It was decided not to hide the supply ventilation, and not to ceil. A golden ventilation pipe runs through the corridor into the living room, entering all areas of the house. Light bulbs are integrated into the pipe, which allowed us to get rid of open wiring.

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The fact is that the pipe is made according to the sandwich principle; a soft sealed air duct is inserted into the steel outer shell. The monotone gray background of concrete ceiling, walls, and gray wood floor are complemented by bright playful spots of the kitchen island, zigzag black patch on the floor of the kitchen, and cabinets made of emerald MDF, dyed in the mass, which echoes the color of the plaster, with added pigment.

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The interior is filled with quotes from unexpected sources. An oval window in the master’s bathroom and a dusty yellow one from the St. Petersburg classics, and an ornamental wooden headboard – fences of suburban areas of the Moscow suburbs. The master’s bathroom has custom tiles, a white inexpensive base 200 x 200 mm is drilled in the middle and rubbed in blue to create a new tile pattern.

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Spots of blue paint are sprinkled on the neutral light gray wall of the study room, and the main light source is a diode tape suspended from thin cables. The cement walls of the children’s bathroom contrast with the irregular cloud mirror and sinuous green heated towel rail. In the children’s bathroom, in the niches of pink cabinets, wallpapers are glued on, on which lamps are made in the form.

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Architects: Le Atelier; Area: 130 m2; Year: 2021; Photographs: Ilya Ivanov; Manufacturers: Investwood, Louis Poulsen, Unique Moblar; Lead Architects: Sergey Kolchin, Nadya Torshina;

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