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Game of Light and Shadows by Replus Bureau


A luxurious space inspired by light and picturesque landscapes of an ancient city gives a feeling of exceptional coziness and comfort. To create a luxury home, we have combined a noble architectural building and modern convenience into a premium design.

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A particular feature of this fine penthouse was a natural play of light created by terraces that gave this space bright decorative effects. The open space interior successfully mixes interesting design techniques and modern styles. Nothing here distracts you from the most important thing which is panoramic cityscapes that can be seen from the two terraces. The light at dawn fills the apartment with romantic inspiration of a new day while golden sundowns intertwine the light, caressing the decor textures and decor items. We used the same color for the walls and the same type of floor throughout the space in order to not distract from a wonderful play of light in the interior and the picturesque landscapes.

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Minimalism aesthetics with natural materials such as wood, marble, metal and open brickwork were the core of the project. It confronts well the monotony of monochromatic surfaces and over the years look even more attractive. Coziness and lightness are complemented by a hanging fireplace. Relaxing beside it creates a feeling of exclusivity . The owners of the apartment are true admirers of the arts, so the decor is represented by vivid art objects that satisfy one’s aesthetic imagination.

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Project name: Game of light and shadows; Architect’s Firm: Replus bureau; Project location: Lviv Ukraine; Gross Built Area: 180 sq.m.; Architects: BADZYAN KHRYSTYNA, MALETS ANDRII, DMYTRO SOROKEVYCH; Photo credits: Andrey Bezuglov;

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