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RYB apartment Men Bureau


The apartment are located in the Rybalsky residential complex in the Podol district of Kiev, Ukraine. Since the apartment is located above the commercial area, we had the opportunity to use the space more variably. We divided the entire space into two blocks – a private part (which includes a children’s room and a master-bedroom with a bathroom) and a public (which includes a spacious kitchen-living room, a bathroom and a workplace).

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This place designed to accommodate the needs and emotions of the user, becoming the environment for various scenarios of everyday life. All the main rooms are compositionally connected with each other due to materials and textures.

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Our team was commissioned to design a place that could offer a peaceful haven for the owner and his family to retreat in from their cosmopolitan lifestyle. The main goal was to create a clean, minimal but informal atmosphere, based around natural materials.

We involved famous foreing brands in the development of the interior, such as Belid, DCW, & tradition, Verpan, Zanotta, RBW and Menu, as well as Ukrainian ones, like Zegen and Interia.

ryb apartment by men bureau 3

To achieve flexibility and avoid unnecessary division of this already compact apartment, the partitions have been almost completely removed, creating an open plan layout with one central module defining the main living space. This module consists of a functional kitchen set, a dining area, a compact workplace and a spacious living room; a feature that allows for the space to have several functions without any unnecessary clutter.

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All rooms except the children’s room are directed to courtyards with an abundance of greenery. A picturesque view of the Dnieper opens from the children’s room. Soon after entering the university, this room will be designated as a meditation place for parents. In this room, we positioned the workplace in such a way that natural light contributes to comfortable work.

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To visually connect the premises into one whole, we used a single palette of materials – birch plywood, microcement, Japanese KitKat tiles and Caribbean Calcite marble. A laconic background for furniture and light elements is created with their help. We balanced the cool tones of micro-cement in all rooms with the warm textures of plaster and wood.

ryb apartment by men bureau 14

A combination of famous pieces of furniture such as Fritz Hansen dining chairs, Co armchairs by Norm Architects and Apollo 180 floor lamp by Pholc are easy to match with custom-designed by our bureau furniture. The architectural character of the interior is further emphasized and enhanced by the penetrating sunlight. A consistent composition based on a palette of natural materials creates a modest living environment, lavishly enlivened by changing natural light.

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One of the main changes implemented within the project was the unification of 3 bathrooms into 2 more spacious ones and getting rid of unnecessary partitions. This reorganization of the space has increased the amount of natural light entering the main living space. We used glass partitions to keep out the natural light that fills the bedroom.

ryb apartment by men bureau 15

The bathroom, sober and monochromatic, is enhanced by the japan KitKat mosaic tiles. The use of shades of gray contributes to the soothing atmosphere of the place. The new layout is adapted to the modern lifestyle.

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