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Merged Apartments Make a Cool Loft Space


Unmistakable elegance, simplicity, and expressive contemporary design composition, enveloped in rich organic texture and minimalist color combinations- those are the hallmarks of the new apartment décor project by Martin Skoček in Bratislava, Slovakia. The space for this P7 project has gone through a lot of different configurations through time – it was used as an industrial space, it was two different apartments and even different buildings and floors, but now is merged into one modern living space, offering an intriguing spatial arrangement for the artistic idea project of the designer – which was executed flawlessly.

byt p7 apartment bratislava 1

Expressive brick walls covered with whitewash paint, gorgeous herringbone parquet flooring, custom-made furniture structures from blond wood, and beautiful masonry work form the bones of this unusual and elegant, modern apartment space. The master bedroom and the small terrace space in front of it are actually located on another floor on a neighboring building. Still, a clever architectural solution connects them through elevated stairs without a corridor to the main living area. The open plan composition of the social zones combines a beautiful freestanding, stainless-steel kitchen island that combines modernity with classic charm, a simplistic yet gorgeous dining table and chairs combo, and a soft sitting area. That spatial composition is framed by custom-made storage units and bookshelves from light-colored wood that gives the functionality and clever, modern frame to the luminous décor composition.

byt p7 apartment bratislava 2

The light colors selection (again a typical signature for the architect’s projects), mainly light gray and beige, allows the wonderful material palate and rich textures to stand out and form the character of the space. The curved masonry walls, the custom-created wooden panels and cladding, the dark textural curtains accents create organic dynamics with welcoming and elegant emanation. We love the bathroom composition of mainly black and white contrast with the accent of organic wooden and ceramic art. Playful exposed piping elements- here and there – remind of the industrial past of the space. It is a wonderful way to integrate the unique dynamic of the apartment’s past into its elegant and exquisite present.

byt p7 apartment bratislava 4

byt p7 apartment bratislava 3

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