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When Italy and Brazil Meet in a Creative Space


Simple yet elegantly bold apartment design created by Italian architect Fabio Fantolino for a large apartment space in Brazil. The distance between the two continents did not stop the creative spirit from enveloping the design of this apartment in a beautiful fusion between European artistic elegance and free and bold Brazilian rhythm with a hint of Art Deco spice.

brasile casa piet mondrian 1

brasile casa piet mondrian 2

Gorgeous selection of pastel colors, intriguing modern shapes for furniture and small details – like door handles and lighting elements- and creative home design solutions. The bespoke furniture pieces are each with their unique silhouette, mostly with rounded corners. The overall sense of elegant and relaxed artistry, reminiscent of the iconic Art Deco style, translated into modern dynamics, is dominating the design composition.

brasile casa piet mondrian 3

The play of colors is also an unmistakable identity feature for this intriguing design project- the double tonality of colors for the walls in the living premises gives an impressive modern backdrop for the rest of the unique design armament. Luxurious touches like the marble-clad walls, customized fixtures, uniquely shaped furniture elements, and bespoke insertions; create a space of artistic luxury and unique fashionable character.

brasile casa piet mondrian 4

A few sitting niches in the main living space( sustained in typical Brazilian architecture manner – as much space for relaxation and gathering with friends and family as possible) offer modern artistic space for leisure time. Near the book shelve two cute chairs in pastel pink and a black glass coffee table (which, by the way, is beautifully, compositionally matched by the wall fireplace and its glass front) offer a “chill out with a book “space.

brasile casa piet mondrian 8

There is also a large gathering living room zone and a dining area, all furnished with unique furniture pieces and color compositions. The play of colors (not only the dynamic paint selection) but also the boldness of the furniture elements, the vitality of shapes and sizes give a typical Brazilian décor rhythm to the design arrangement, and the subtle elegance and delicate nuances introduce the tasteful modern Italian design approach into the composition.

brasile casa piet mondrian 7

brasile casa piet mondrian 6

brasile casa piet mondrian 5

brasile casa piet mondrian 9

brasile casa piet mondrian 13

brasile casa piet mondrian 11