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TAO Residence by HONG Designworks


TAO Residence locates in Lincoln Park real estate, Beijing. The owner hopes this life space contains comfort and controllability, fill with the exploration of freedom and interaction. HONG Designworks combines elements of mechanical technology and the fashion of art to customize this private space. The characteristics and habits of the owner would construct this space and provide life energy infinitely.

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The space reveals a brief composition with mechanical aesthetics. Classic color matching——black, white, and gray cooperate with leather, metal, and specular texture. The designer optimizes this 170 square meter apartment based on the living and vocational characteristics of the owner. The whole space is subtly divided by bar counters, sofas, shelves, and partitions. This concise style design conforms to the aesthetic taste and lifestyle of contemporary urban elite groups.

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The installation works on the wall come from the artist Yu Yang, who allows the lines to acquire the rhythm of the music in the combination of occasional and minimalism. The collision of logos and art brings more dimensional enjoyment and constructs harmonious and unified contemporary aesthetic order.

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To modern people, personality and environment are always in flux. The status of the house also needs a sense of “fluidity” to give people a more comfortable living experience. Stepping into the bedroom with light gray background paved by Pandomo and stone, the fusion of metal, mirror, leather, and other materials brings a balanced aesthetic perception. The lamps enhance the sense of the depth of the space, creating a deep and charming spatial level.

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The designer creates a living environment — flexibility and balance of work and life by optimizing space utilization, light environment, and ventilation efficiency. The space receives more diversified functional systems and visual levels. To post-epidemic era, this guide for the concept of housing looks forward to a more free and balanced urban residential housing pattern.

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Project location: Beijing, China; Design Company: HONG Designworks; Main Designer: Dang, Ming /Li, Dandi; Designer group: Xie, Xu & Ao, Qinge & Wang, Qing & Qu,Miao; Interior Design: HONG Designworks; Completion Time: 2021/01; Project area: 170 m²; Photography Team: Tan, Xiao / Ten Photography Studio;

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