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ECCO Global Flagship Store-HONG Designworks


Ecco flagship store locates on Huaihai Rd —— the interaction of eastern and western culture by many international brands. Ecco, a Danish brand of shoes and leather goods, with its design purpose “Making walk be a joy.”

ecco global flagship store 8

According to the design combined with the sense of future and unique art appliance by DangMing, the store aims to propagate its idea of technology, comfort, and innovation. Hong Designworks uses the concept of “Metropolitan Dreamland”——using the experience of multiple dimensionalities to reconstruct the relationship between people and objects to celebrate this store with its milestone meaning。
Designer DangMing conceives an immersive atmosphere that using light as a modular system to challenge sense cognition between reality and fantasy by using a three-dimensional vision of extending the space.

ecco global flagship store 9

The art installations are designed by Asian American artist JUJU Wang. The metal gears-like art installation, including the spectacular sense of suspension and futuristic and sci-fi experience, is inspired by ECCO Factory. Another art installation with a feather-like surface, using 180 square meters of transparent leather, is inspired by the wave motion and other elementals in nature, she makes the whole structure form a particular visual experience and motivates the audience’s original visual cognition of leather.

ecco global flagship store 4

A movable wall that can be adjusted according to requirements is set up in the multifunctional area.
The surface of the water bar is made of ECCO high-tech DYNEEMA leather to allow consumers to have an immersive exploration.
The huge screen extends from the first floor to the second floor construct a dreamlike experience atmosphere for consumers.
The plant equipment makes the whole scene feel more environmentally. ECCO global flagship store tries to furnish an open “living room”, a safe and comfortable urban space for consumers.
To compare with traditional retail space, DangMing hopes to use free movement and interaction to give consumers closer and open experiences.

ecco global flagship store 3

Project name | ECCO Global Flagship Store; Project location | Huaihai Rd. Shanghai, China; Design Company | HONG Designworks; Main Designer | Dang, Ming /Li, Dandi; Designer group | Xie, Xu & Lu, Mengyi & Wang, Qing & Wu, Hongye & Dong, Siran; Art Installation | JUJU WANG; Implementation group | Shenzhuang General Construction Group Co., Ltd.; Lighting Consultant | American BPI Beijing Team; Project area | 420m²;  Completion Time | 2021/03; Photography Team | Tan, Xiao / Shi Photography Studio; Video Team | Huasheng Studio; Screen image | Xiao, Xudong;

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