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Burgundy Black hotel project by rhymedesign


Like a glass of red wine, the color of the room gradates through variations of burgundy. When pouring, the falling wine usually shines vivid red, but it becomes almost black and shiny in the glass. The room has the same effect using a combination of the color of the grapes and the intensity of the light.

rhymedesign 3

The area extending 600mm from the window is painted white to amplify the intensity of the incoming sunlight. At night, several floor lights create areas of bright, saturated color and darkness. At the entrance of the room, there are three Organdy curtains which have square holes for people to pass through. The filmy glare and the increasing opacity of the overlapping curtains make shadows of burgundy creating an ephemeral scene.

rhymedesign 1

The intensity of the light, the shadows, and the visual depth of the overlapping organdy give the grape color more expression than just color and blur the outline of the space.

rhymedesign 2

Photography is by Mayu Morita; Short Movie is by Jumpei Oe; Textile is designed by Haruka Shoji; Design by Taka Shinomoto – rhymedesign; Nagoya, Japan;

rhymedesign 6

rhymedesign 10

rhymedesign 9

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rhymedesign 8

rhymedesign 5

rhymedesign 4