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When the Dark is Cozy and Welcoming


The richens and diversity of materials and shades of brown, copper, terracotta, black, gray, and linen- compose the snugly, welcoming spirit of this intriguing apartment’s design. The designer Natalie Dubróvska followed the inspiration of the home’s original features – the beautiful brick wall, the last century decorative patterns on the ceilings, and the mid century modern hint of design that goes throughout the new project.

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The entwinement of heritage, raw organic luxury, and modern minimalism create a project of dynamic character and strong presence. In the open space flow of the main living areas, the classic 1960’ts inspiration of the Ukrainian socialist architecture meets the hints of modern luxury and minimalist decoration. In one of the corners here, an armchair by &tradition and table by Vitra create the focal point that adds a classy, elegant note diluting the space’s rawness with a pinch of modernity. A vintage piano and mid century modern dining table-chairs set develop the space further.

52 sq m apartment kyiv 14

And because the whole renovation of the apartment is designed in an open and fluid sequence of premises, the kitchen corner uses the amazing copper kitchen island as a space division between the living areas and the seclusion of the private zones- bedroom and bathroom.

52 sq m apartment kyiv 2

The entwinement of soft reddish-brown shades and modern black accents is quite pronounced throughout the décor – a combination that gives an intriguing vibe to different compositions. In the kitchen zone, rich copper/honey shades are juxtaposed by the minimalist modernity of the black fixtures and cabinets.

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In the bathroom – openly connected to the bedroom- soft clay colors on walls and bathtubs are combined with trendy black fixtures and luxurious marble and wood elements- a beautiful warm composition with a soft, welcoming vibe.

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Design – Natalie Dubróvska; Project area – 52 sq m; Project year – 2019; Location – Kyiv, Ukraine; Photo credits – Yevhenii Avramenko;

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