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Nature Inspired Interior Design


Searching to restore the original spirit of a building during the renovation of this city apartment, Kuklica—Smerek architects  created a luminous, modern space with aristocratic hints. The connection of all living areas in one brilliant space is spatially and functionally determent by trendy glass constructs focal pieces of furniture and change in texture: the floors alternate trendy terrazzo flooring and gorgeous herringbone parquet.

hlb interier 1

hlb interier 16

Slabs of marble and customized wood and glass walls give a functional sequence of a kitchen, dining and living zones, corridor, and private rooms. Luminous and pure is the whole sensation of this elegant design arrangement. Located in the old center of Bratislava, Slovakia, the apartment is designed to be a townhome for a dynamic family. So the restrain in color, ornaments, and furniture pieces are understandable and designed to give freedom and space for different needs.

hlb interier 6

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In the main living zones, accessible through a bold glass wall and doors, a gorgeous kitchen island with intriguing shape is complemented by the pure wooden presence of the dining table and the strong accent of the marble kitchen backsplash. Customized cabinets and door frames give individuality and further enhance the unique character of this urban dwelling. The designers cleverly combined the organic blond wood used in the overall design with fresh green living plants, adding vitality and natural dominance in the décor project.

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The bathroom is a pure expression of modern minimalism- intriguing tile selection and restrained color palette- black and white; terrazzo and wood keep the tone of simplicity and elegance in each premise. The overall feel of the space combines spaciousness with luminosity, grace with minimalism, organic coziness, with a luxurious modern base. Lovely purity and comfort dominate the mood—trendy furniture pieces and modernistic lamps design complete the contemporary idea of the design composition.

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