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Reconstruction of Old Apartment in Košice


The beauty of this living space design lies in the entwinement of exposed architectural bones and materials and the custom-made structures defining the spaces. The design composition offers a wonderful balance between clean, modern elegance and a historical, raw base. The main attention-catching feature of the original design is the simple yet memorable library- bookshelf used by the designers as a space divider between the entrance and the main living areas.

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The honest material selection underlines the bones of the original brick building in central Kosice. Beautiful herringbone parqueted is paired up with exposed and whitewashed brick walls. Although the main living space is not big, a careful and mild color selection (with massive reflecting white surfaces) extends the visual impact and gives a spacious, comfortable, and diverse feel for the design. Black and white entwine on the neutral base of gray, beige, and natural wood accents. The handcrafted and dynamic library shelf structure made from light oak is both a separation and open spatial element. The minimalistic black kitchen design is elegant and functional, creating a clear-lined niche with subtle impact in the open- floor- plan of the daily zones.

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Massive and customized storage units help the small space to look tidy and pure. The juxtaposing entwinement of the black and white is especially apt in the bathroom’s design. The modern and simplistic designs here and in the bedroom are the final touch of this well-balanced and elegant apartment design. Although the clean lines and modernistic shapes of most furniture pieces are a hallmark of IKEA designs, the customized additions and the underlining by the designers of the original structural bones of the place give it an unmistakable individuality paired up with comfort and simplicity. Photos by Tomáš Lazorik;

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