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Space that Promote Healthy and Active Lifestyle


The lifestyle needs of its inhabitants govern the modern design of the apartment. This project by Hibinsky, Kuklica x Semerek is inspired by modern minimalism, trendy spaciousness, and the owner’s active lifestyle. Fitness elements and a big kitchen for the hobbies of the inhabitants are an integral part of the organic and full of a light configuration of the apartment’s space. Edgy and organic, dynamic and spacious area for an urban set of mind.

apartment bratislava 6

apartment bratislava 13

Organic materials in their raw form, handcrafted décor elements, and attention towards the smallest details are the hallmarks of this modern urban project in Bratislava.

apartment bratislava 11


Hints of industrial design (exposed wiring and pipes, raw concrete slabs, black metal frames, and so forth) entwine with design elements bordering with art pieces- the circular neon lamp and the bright blue table with sculptural design, are excellent examples of that architectural approach. Extensive wooden cladding, pre-build wooden furniture units, and bold wood parquets give a warm and pure addition to the urban and industrial hints of the design composition.

apartment bratislava 9

Other trendy and functional materials compose the rest of the apartments comfortable space; black metal frames and decorative or fitness additions, beautiful tile selections ( a 3D print for the corridor and pure white, metro tiles squares for the bathrooms) are the final touches of this light, fashionable and functional apartment’s ambiance. Photo: Lousy Auber;

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