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Black and White Monochrome Interior Design


Elegant in its simplicity, clear lines, and restrained color palette, this modern urban apartment extension is resigning on the top floor of a panel house in central Bratislava, Slovakia. The space merges two adjacent units to create a free flow of modern living for a young couple. The absence of classic corridors and usage of intriguing black metal columns supporting the main construct give individuality and unique free flow for the home ambiance. Monochrome and restrained color combinations, black and white, gray and natural wood nuances, provide the typical for that composition ambiance of light, pure and modern feel – perfect for a space full of light hosting a dynamic modern lifestyle.

apartment extension kuklica smerek 14

apartment extension kuklica smerek 11

The open space hosting the living room, dining, and soft sitting zone features as a central focal point the sculptural, clean lines of the white kitchen island juxtaposed to the black ornaments of the working kitchen zone. Beautiful tile solutions and customized cabinets in rich black correspond with the modernistic black metal beams and frames of the dining table and chair silhouettes. Attention towards the small details, elegance, and sophistication unites this modern project. The custom-made Kitchen Island free-standing on black steel legs is truly a unique feature of beauty. Its sleek modernistic lines are supplemented by the black metal beams in intriguing and unusual shapes, the gouges and trendy black solution of the kitchen zone with its build-in sitting bench and artistic hexagonal tiles.

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The large modular sofa in dove gray offers soft contrast to the robust black and white entwinement of the cooking zone of the daily premise. Customized lighting, shelving, and wooden furniture structures can be found in each premise of the modern apartment. Bedroom with a clever window niche featuring practical and aesthetical wooden shelving, bathroom with beautiful, pure lines and fixtures, and even the entree with is ample storage made by customized wooden structures. Customized wooden storage units have their warm presence in the main living areas as well.

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Architects: Kuklica—Smerek; Area: 95m²; Year: 2018; Photographs: Lousy Auber;

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