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Modern Loft Apartment in Bratislava by What Architects


Although the trend of turning formal industrial spaces into modern urban dwelling has a wide variety of wonderful examples and creative solutions, this project by What Architects show an exceptional understanding of the modern – organic comfort and spacious playfulness. Acknowledging the original structure of Warehouse C from the 1930-ts, the architects used the beautiful wooden ceiling beams, exposed brick walls, and high ceilings to develop a unique and dynamic space with a distinctive organic and spacious feel. Honoring the high window frames, an ingenious and creative structure offers a build-in library for the inhabitants of this modern loft in the old town of Bratislava, Slovakia.

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The design composition offers a minimalist color combination – an entwinement of chirps white and wood give the organic base, and sophisticated, light, and modern furniture pieces in gray and black punctuate the composition. The beautiful herringbone parquet provides an excellent reflection to the gorgeous wooden beams and selling forming the bone of the space. White-wash walls and columns and exposed brick structures multiply and reflect the luminous feel of the open space with large floor to ceiling windows.

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We love the ingenious design structure forming the mezzanine level where the sleeping area resigns. This light and modern system is composed of custom made metal frame with light white curtains beneath that reveal the custom block of the kitchen unite. Behind this symbolic space division, a white corridor and bespoke storage units give additional comfort and functionality for the inhabitants. Here an elegant, simple and organic bathroom is hidden as well. The white metal structure of the mezzanine is reflected and balanced by a similar white metal structure on the opposed end of the space forming a dynamic vertical library in front of the large window openings. Playful net space divisions and separations give a dynamic character to the pure organic feel of the overall design composition. Photo: Nora a Jakub Čaprnkovci;

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