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Modern Apartment with a Stylish Retro Vibe


Modern apartment with a stylish retro vibe and amazing balance between comfort and art. This design project of an apartment in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is carried out by Alan Prekop and successfully turned the small four-room, crowded urban space into a spacious, full of a light three-room apartment.

alan prekop interier 1

alan prekop interier 5

The design project’s main emphasis went into turning the original space configuration into an extended daily zone with dynamic and artistic design and an abundance of natural light. Dynamic spatial divisions configure the space; partial walls (one of them doubling as a minimalist TV wall) and a beautiful, bespoke bookshelf in deep green, give an open labyrinth movement that defines the kitchen corner, the dining zone ,and the elegant comfy sitting area. The accent of the green bookshelf gives an open and flexible separation from the hallway, which leads to the master and child bedrooms. The continuity of the gorgeous amber parquet throughout the apartment is interrupted only by those symbolic walls and space divisions.

alan prekop interier 13

Extensive wooden cladding and retro wood furniture pieces accentuate the space design. First is the herringbone parquet gold that spills throughout the apartment, then there are the painted vertical stripes on the walls, which give a classic taste to the modern design, and finally, as an artistic finish, there are the gorgeous vintage inspired furniture pieces. Even the large dining table extends its wooden beauty as a long, narrow space accent.

alan prekop interier 12

The other main accent of this modern and elegant décor is the play of pastel colors. Bonbon pink kitchen cabinetry, lighter and more delicate pink shades spread here and there (dining chairs, paintings, and decorative elements) give continuity to the color composition. Ocean green sofas and bespoke construction in a green- moss adds the hint of nature and freshness. The earth’s presence in this colorful palette comes from the wooden details and the beige shape of the classic reading-chair upholstered in timeless leather. Modernistic lamps (with trendy brass bodies) finish the artistic décor composition.

alan prekop interier 11

autor: Alan Prekop; location: Bratislava, Slovakia; construction date: 2018; floor area: 90 m2; foto: Nora&Jakub;

alan prekop interier 4

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