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Colorful Yerevan Apartment by snkh studio


Imagine you have to live in a big city’s busy urban heart – what kind of home design will correspond with the fast-paced lifestyle and the modern need for spaciousness and functionality? This apartment project by snkh studio in Yerevan offers an artistic and playful answer. A design of contrasts and vitality; in the kitchen, dining, living room combo a funky accent in bonbon pink contrast with the deep green and gray base of the primary kitchen constructs.

apartment yerevan snkh 2

apartment yerevan snkh 7

Elegant details in wood are juxtaposed to the thin black metal lines and frames that are a very popular part of trendy modern designs. Inviting a soft sofa in sunny yellow gives a focal alternation with the dark walls and black frames of the sliding glass walls (another very trendy approach in modern urban design that separates the inner premises without obstructing the light flow).

apartment yerevan snkh 4

apartment yerevan snkh 11

In the main hallway, the minimalism of lines is supplemented by dramatic colors doors- blue, red, glossy white indicate different entrances and purposes of doors – very youthful, dynamic, and simplistic in its core composition.

apartment yerevan snkh 3

A small nuke in front of a panoramic window, which reveals the urban scenery, offers an inviting seat- and – read space just next to the busy kitchen composition. Here bespoke cabinetry and Kitchen Island in deep green give contrast to the playful pink suspended lamp and retro design cabinetry. A contrasting color alternation of gray shades for the trendy metro tile backslash composition adds to the visual dynamic of the space décor. This dynamic of colors and shapes create a cheerful and energizing home space where one can get busy on the backdrop of a gray urban view. The character-defining large surfaces in artistic colors give a minimalist modern vibe that carries freedom and spaciousness.

apartment yerevan snkh 5

apartment yerevan snkh 6

apartment yerevan snkh 9

apartment yerevan snkh 1