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Sharikava Coffee Shop in Zhytomyr by Bezmirno


Longing for the green of nature and vitality of warmth? This hiрp coffee shop presents us with a whimsical and d jazzy perception of nature in urban settings. Even though this coffee shop is a franchise of a Ukrainian national brand, the design team Bezmirno created a unique and artistic space that fully meets the criteria of a fast-paced modern world – it meets the standards of architectural functionality, creative aesthetics, and hits the comfort zone in human emotions.

bezmirno sharikava coffee shop 4

bezmirno sharikava coffee shop 9

Usage of natural materials, organic rough textures – which give a wink to urban industrialism at times- and vital colors palette compose a space of enchanting charm and unique spirit. The unique ceiling decorations- resembling the Japanese art of origami playing with the logo shape and the deep green paint that covers the ceiling, walls, frames, and all, create the feeling of nature, cave, and enchanted forest. And then comes the urban- modern touch of the décor composition – bespoke furniture pieces entwine wood and metal frames, rounded corners and robust shapes, in addition, the exposed piping and rough original brick constructs give a wink to urban industrial. Holding together (metaphorically and literary) all these juxtapositions are the central wooden beams with craft nuances and natural wood texture, adding softness and warmth.

bezmirno sharikava coffee shop 8

bezmirno sharikava coffee shop 6

The Stainless steel bar – pastry display at the center of the entrance hall resonates in its industrial vibe with the polished concrete table tops arranged in all three spaces of the coffee shop. And of course, in the end, not to miss, the modernistic and neon-lit restroom space, being the jazziest décor premises of the design composition. Partly whimsical, partly cozy – the bright red toilet seat, the deep green of the cave, and the ocean blue wink in the niche create an atmosphere of intimacy and magical world experience. This is the perfect finish touch of the enchanted forest-like experience, with the hind of urban Parkour, of the whole coffee-shop dynamic décor.

bezmirno sharikava coffee shop 7

bezmirno sharikava coffee shop 2

bezmirno sharikava coffee shop 5

bezmirno sharikava coffee shop 11

bezmirno sharikava coffee shop 3