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Pico Café


28 sq.m. in the urban heart of Kalamata: that was the total of the area, where we were called to design a modern coffee shop specializing in coffee drinks and local dishes.

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Our architectural proposal is made up by four distinct synthetic lines. Initially, the main reception area is separated from all necessary individual auxiliary spaces, which are in turn set in the eastern part of the store and opposite to the facade. Following, an L-shaped counter, which will host all activities related to the preparation of coffee and food, is placed in retreat from the store facade, with the aim to create a central core.

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The third synthetic line regards the setup and utilization of two linear walls that outline the space. The wall at the store’s southern border becomes a messenger, displaying coffee varieties, drink types, products and information on the corporate identity of the coffee shop, on the visitor, and on the available products. On the north wall, a linear mirror reflects all activities that take place in the store’s core, the site for manufacturing and creation.

pico coffee andreas petropoulos 7

Finally, a linear axis of motion next to the mirror connects the facade to the store core, and all its individual operations. We propose the placement of an elongated bench along this route, to potentially serve Sit-In visitors. The facade is designed following the principles of simplicity that govern the whole synthetic proposal, where the characteristic Pico Café logo dominates and shapes all individual graphic elements of the project.

pico coffee andreas petropoulos 4

The materials used for the project include a specific shade of white for the filling surfaces, dark oak wooden surfaces and metallic black cross sections for all the specially designed constructions. This is a project inspired by everyday life with the view to reach the maximum possible functionality, as expressed in the principles of the minimum.

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Architects: ΑndreasPetropoulos – Architecture.Interior; Year: 2020; Photographs: Konstantinos Theofilopoulos; Logo: Danny Kargas / dk design / graphics + media;

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