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Langoš Bar by Grau Architects


Langos Bar is a tiny street food bar in Bratislava, Slovakia located in an old market hall in the historical part of the city center. It is serving langos, a traditional street food dish from Hungary that uses fried sourdough flatbreads to deliver, typically, a combination of sour cream, ketchup, cheese, and garlic. However, founded by local heroes Lukas Heskoand Robo Nagy the new LANGOS BAR concept brings a different approach.

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Topped with pecorino, pastrami, or shrimps, it shows countless options on how to upgrade this traditional Hungarian food. All of that paired with drinks and natural wine from the region. The place has the ambition to create a spot for locals where they can hang out, a place for tourists visiting the city. It is like Jekyll and Hyde, during the day very clean, but when the night comes, the party begins.

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Although space is only 12 sqm, it fits all the necessary equipment. Our approach was to create a visually simple but strong design concept based on a 10 x 10 square grid. We inserted a functional box made of white tiles, steel bars, and stainless steel in the rough cement finished unit. The only color we used is red, which creates an accent and is well connected with the visual identity.

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The identity, designed by local firm Nice Guy represented by Matej Spanik revolves around a very satisfied and round face icon designed in collaboration with Tomas Rybar, aka Sicknico. Their approach was to create a visually strong and bold identity that can reinterpret this modern concept, but at the same time keeping the character of the concept authentic and easy to understand. They wanted to express the pleasure that eating langos brings.

Architects: Grau Architects; Area: 12 m²; Year: 2020; Photographs: Matej Hakar;

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