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Coffee Shop Design Project by Studio Open


A stylish and artistic décor composition for a modern coffee shop with a strong and memorable character based on the concepts of Scandinavian décor purity and wabi-sabi eastern aesthetics. The coffee shop is small but has the vibe of a calm sanctuary amidst the busy city center. The design idea elaborated by Andrey Barinov includes strong focal points and artistic accents defining the two levels of the space.

coffee shop studio open 4

coffee shop studio open 1

A stunning brass counter structure with a solid blond wood countertop greets the visitors in the main aula. Arches that reveal the original, almost antique brick structure of the building located in the historic center of St. Petersburg accentuates the coffee shop’s ancient bones. Those rounded frames host in a cozy nudge the main bar and a small sitting area with an upholstered bench giving a sculptural softness to the monochrome and light color composition. Beautiful and trendy terrazzo-like flooring adds to the distinctive geometry of the design with its large marble pieces. Chairs and tables with unusual shapes give strong focal points for the coffee décor, caching the attention even on a quick glance.

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coffee shop studio open 2

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In accordance with the wabi-sabi philosophy, the lightning also plays a sacred role in the creation of the ambiance. Arched floor-to-ceiling front windows invite in abundance the natural light in. Small round bulbs scattered throughout the space compose the discreet lighting scheme for the dark hours. The porcelain and ceramic decorations and oblong corners of the artistic furniture pieces are also in harmony with the design’s leading stylistics. Intriguingly, the private areas – the coffee shop’s restroom is designed in contrasting dark colors creating a duality to the color section of the design- light and pure for the social zones and dark and intimate for the private.

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