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Apteka 92 by Sergey Makhno Architects


Apteka_92 is an unusual café with a history of delicious cakes and cafes, a cultural hub, and a social gathering space with an expressive atmosphere. Located on the place of functioning for 20 years pharmacy, the coffee shop draws its inspiration for décor and ambiance from a playful and artistic interpretation of that old function. The design team from Sergey Makhno Architects left patches from the white, almost sterile wall from the original space, decorated with pharmaceutical themes, and clad the rest of the walls with amazing clay.

apteka 92 makhno design 4

apteka 92 makhno design 1

The old pharmacy theme is everywhere in the décor idea – in the little playful details like the anatomic prints, the ceramic pills, and X-rays decorative elements spread through the place, even in the bathrooms. This magical play of old history and new purpose influences even the lightning scheme – the ceiling Vitamin M lamps designed by Sergey Makhno are an excellent focal point of the lightning composition. The rest of it, the hidden LED lamps, illuminate artistic graphics of anatomy and painted porcelain dishes with parts of the human body.

apteka 92 makhno design 9

We particularly love the clay wall cladding that gives texture and warmth. This traditional Ukrainian technique was employed in other iconic for the studio projects, and in this case, it is a perfect balance for the sterile pharmacy theme. Two colors dominate the décor composition; pure white, which resonates with the place’s history, and light clay brown replicated from walls to comfy and inviting sitting arrangements. This duality is further complemented by the organic duo – matt metal bar and natural wood décor details. It is obvious that in this intriguing, artistic, and playful décor project, a lot of thought and hart were invested- the final result -a coffee space that tells a story and invites you to share yours.

apteka 92 makhno design 8

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apteka 92 makhno design 6

apteka 92 makhno design 12

apteka 92 makhno design 5

apteka 92 makhno design 3

apteka 92 makhno design 2