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313 Block’s Apartment by Odyndoodnoho Studio


A memorable focal point of a glazed brick wall paired up with contemporary minimalism and purity give identity to this project by Odyndoodnoho studio in Kyiv, Ukraine. In reality, the materials used to create the apartment’s characteristic feature (straightforward called 313 blocks) are the iconic ceramic blocks “Porotherm” 44, usually applied for the construction of the building itself. As it turns out, the design team liked to play with the materials uses in the original construct of the home’s shell, and the other impressive material and apartment’s design feature used is the foam blocks.

apartment 313 blocks 6

apartment 313 blocks 15

Their rough light surface is used as tile cladding on some of the walls, especially in the bathrooms. This modern brutalism of décor composition is complemented by the minimal color and detail palette, the clean lines of the design elements and furniture, and by the overall rough, unfinished and minimal expression of the dwelling’s décor idea.

apartment 313 blocks 8

apartment 313 blocks 12

Quite an entwinement of modern minimal dynamics, brutalism inspired roughness and the settled elegance in some of the iconic furniture and décor details. Intriguing shapes and custom-made structures define the unique character of each space. In the master bedroom, a suspended wardrobe structure gives visual dynamic and practical space separation of a dressing area, sleeping zone, and bathroom premise. In the children’s bedroom, a working table cube clad in soft pastel color gives a visual anchor and warm accent to space. In the open space arrangement of the social zones, the main focal point undoubtfully is the undulated surface of the glazed brick wall.

apartment 313 blocks 16

But here, the soft, inviting presence of the large sofa that contrasts with the rough, unfinished expression of ceiling and walls balance the décor feel. Actually, throughout the apartment’s design, a play between the contrasting colors- white and gray for a base and accents in the ceramic- red of the 313 block’s is present and gives the idea of balance between polarities. This alternation and deliberate contrast between light and expressive, warm and cold, rough and comfy enhances the focal emphasis of the used materials and shapes and the unconventional presence of construction materials as décor elements.

apartment 313 blocks 9

apartment 313 blocks 14

apartment 313 blocks 11

apartment 313 blocks 2

apartment 313 blocks 3

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