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Modern-Minimalist Interior Design by TOL`KO


In a mood for something light and exquisite? Where modern urban minimalism meets unique artistry and luxurious organic materials? Sculptural luxury and contemporary minimalism entwine into the creation of this exquisite apartment project in London, England carried out by the young design studio TOL`KO.

tolko interiors 1

tolko interiors 2

The design team used a play of sculptural shapes (with predominant oblong corners), a monochrome softness of color palette, and abundant natural light to give an inviting easy-going vibe. This composition is supplemented by the spice of intriguing furniture and décor elements, custom-made furniture pieces, and precious materials, creating a space with strong individuality and striking character.

tolko interiors 8

Throughout the whole apartment’s design, an intriguing alternation of perforated screens, stripe- rich surfaces (created by beautiful wooden plates), and rattan woven furniture elements creates this subtle play of void and solid, light and shadow. That being a beautiful sculptural technique for vitalizing surfaces and materials and very much in tune with the artistic idea and great intriguing decoration of the design project.

tolko interiors 12

The main living space unites in an open- floor-plan the kitchen (exquisite custom-made kitchen joinery and striking kitchen island), the dining area – with its beautiful bespoke table and chairs set, and the sitting zone where artistry meets comfort; soft shapes and colors and the intriguing focal piece of the unique coffee table create an inviting and entertaining zone for chill-time. Minimalism and a subtle luxurious feel govern the décor composition. The monochrome color palette’s softness, the contemporary shapes, and exquisite materials (wood and marble, rattan and textiles) are perfectly balanced. No contrasts and yet a visual dynamic thanks to unique and custom made elements, panels, and furniture pieces.

tolko interiors 17

The master bedroom and the open connection to the bathroom are not only an epitome of trendy design composition but also a supreme visual delight, exuding purity and high-class design combinations of materials, shapes, and textures. A wood-clad bathtub – exquisite beauty. Woven and perforated panels on windows, headboards, and cabinet cladding are reflected in the design of the relief glass partition giving the illusion of privacy without fragmenting the space.

tolko interiors 4

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