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Large Family Apartment Near the Beach in Latvia by Open AD


A serene living space characterised by the immaculate pairing of colours, textures and materials. Each item in the interior is handpicked for its quality, elegance and functionality. The children’s quarters provide an individual world for each sibling. Thanks to playing with scale, light and tactility, the rooms encourage interactivity, foster the imagination and creative thinking.

vd11 apartment 12

vd11 apartment 11

A light, spacious and cosy two story family apartment in Jurmala, a coastal resort town in Latvia. We skilfully combined colours, materials and textures to create a serene living space. We paired recognisable design pieces with bespoke solutions such as the wall hung desk. This is an apartment of details. The furniture and accessories are united not only by look and feel, but also by uncompromised quality and elegance.

vd11 apartment 13

Considering the family’s needs and wishes, we worked closely on the planning to ensure both shared areas and private quarters. In this family, the children are considered equal family members. This is reflected in the interior design with individual quarters for each child to help foster their personal development. The spaces are multifunctional and interactive. We played with scale, light and tactile variety to evoke the imagination and creative thinking. This is an emotionally intelligent interior for a saturated yet harmonious lifestyle.

vd11 apartment 16

vd11 apartment 14

vd11 apartment 15

Area: 500 m2: Design team Open AD: Zane Tetere–Sulce (lead architect), Olga Ponomarjova, Dins Vecans, Lina Plavinskaja, Laura Abeltina; Photos: Dana Ozollapa;

vd11 apartment 9

vd11 apartment 8

vd11 apartment 7

vd11 apartment 6

vd11 apartment 5

vd11 apartment 3

vd11 apartment 4

vd11 apartment 20

vd11 apartment 19

vd11 apartment 1

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vd11 apartment 17