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Apartment in Minsk by Sasha Hamolin


Renovating a family apartment in Minsk, the contemporary Belarusian designer Sasha Hamolin – created a pure, modern space without unnecessary clutter and wrong turns. His take on modern minimalism combines beautifully contemporary urban elegance with stylish plasticity and ease of expression and decoration.

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Embracing clear-lined shapes and a muted color palette, the apartment’s design leaves space for the rich textural composition to develop whiteout overwhelming the decor. Beautiful, trendy compositions of exposed brass wiring and concrete walls, plush and velvet juxtaposed to exposed concrete, accents of natural wood and untreated marble fragments entwine and give dynamic richness for the fine elegance of the minimalist urban décor.

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Bespoke furniture pieces adorn and give functionality to each apartment’s space (designated to host a big family in a limited urban setting). The open floor plan of the social zones and the private master bedroom, and three additional bedrooms are composed in an elegant free-floating manner that does not compromise with the spacious feel of the modern décor compositions. Trendy and innovative insertions guarantee that. A free-standing partition creates a discrete entrance without sacrificing the living room’s openness; the same knack is used in private areas. Floor to ceiling built in closets provide ample storage, and folding shutters blend in with the bedroom’s wall paneling. All of those creative approaches characteristic of modern urban design are executed by Hamolin with ease and elegance.

nnvv apartment sasha hamolin 4

Red clay decorative elements and tiles give warm color accents, custom-made wooden boxes and niches, from beautiful blond wood, serve different purposes throughout the apartment (a desk, a shelf, a bedroom platform). Alternation of materials and textures, and sometimes straight-out juxtaposition (just check the kitchen table chairs; plush and metal frames) give visual dynamics to the composition. Small wooden birds, nest here and there – the simplistic silhouettes of those elegant creations became a signature touch for many modern elegant dwellings ever since designers created sculptural model of oblong bird body laid on long, thin legs.  Photo by Artem Bobrov, Yanina Novikova.

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