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Christmas Decorating Trends 2022 – Colors, Designs and Ideas


Christmas, in its core, is a celebration of the light, and as we have discussed before, many of its customs come from the pagan rituals surrounding the winter Solstice and with the coming of Christianity, this holy celebration received an added value and rituals. But the introduction of greenery and plant life, pine branches, and berries decorations into the home, the fasting and cleansing period before it, the decoration of the celebratory dinner table, the dancing rituals and decorations – still preserved in some parts of the world for cleansing evil spirits – like Kukeri (in the Balkans) and so on, are a relic from ancient times. So, celebrating the coming Solar and religious holidays is woven in our history, including the decoration and preparation of our homes (and ourselves) for it!

HM home christmas beautiful modern rustic decorations 2

The questions of how will we celebrate the coming Christmas, what are the tendencies for 2022 on the world design scene, how to create a welcoming celebratory atmosphere for the family gatherings, and what new approaches are introduced by the pressing problem of the over – consummation of the planet resources are the ones that inspired us to create this article. We hope it will be helpful to make your holidays even more special, will guide you to know how to be in current with the changing times and how to preserve the holiday spirit in times of crisis.

HM home christmas beautiful modern rustic decorations 4

Image credit: H&M Home

So, some basic questions of how to create a stylish and unique ambiance for your celebration of light? What are the best colors and materials used by leading designers and artists for this special time of the year? And how to use the uprising DIY trend in this context are just some of the questions that will be explored here with many pictures and representations of stylish design ideas for your Christmas decor.

HM home christmas beautiful modern rustic decorations 3

Image credit: H&M Home

In the light of the current global situation with the pandemic, one of the main questions in all of our minds is will we be able to gather the whole family together as the tradition dictates? We hope that for you! And in the case it is achievable, creating a unique, welcoming, and celebratory atmosphere is of great importance. So, here are some tips to begin with: Returning to authenticity seems to be one of the leading principles on the world’s design scene for this year. Using natural materials, colors, and elements seam only appropriate not only because of their unparalleled beauty and quality but in the light of the over-pollution with plastic we cause to our planet. Christmas is about purity and light, nature and hope, so natural elements are best for decorating and creating presents for our loved ones.

HM home christmas beautiful modern rustic decorations 1

Image credit: H&M Home

Another tip is – do not underestimate the scents and aroma’s power when creating your festive ambiance. The specific smells can purify and cleanse the home, can bring memories, and lead us to an inner-space for quality connection with our true-self. So, that can be an essential element from the interior design of festive space for you and your loved ones.

beautiful christmas vintage decor 1

Image credit: Broste Copenhagen

The DIY decoration is also in high esteem in this season – in the context of the crisis, all small efforts and offerings are greatly appreciated. And even with restrained budged a hand-crafted decoration, cart or a present is bringing the joy is supposed to.

beautiful christmas vintage decor 3

Image credit: Neptune

To create a warm and welcoming ambiance in your home at the beginning of the winter season is important even if you are not religious or don’t plan to celebrate this holiday. Let’s explore closer what beautiful ideas and creative touches are hot and trendy on the world’s design scene for this season!

beautiful christmas vintage decor 4

Image credit: Bo Bedre

We will be remiss if we do not acknowledge and pay attention to the special circumstances surrounding this year’s Christmas celebrations. Apart from the obstacles, the health and financial concerns, and possible difficulties for our families to gather in celebrations of the holidays, there is the fact that many Christmas bazaars and exhibitions worldwide will not be happening. So DIY (do it yourself) can be a leading opportunity to create beauty and festive spirit in your home. And speaking of our homes in times of crisis- I guess many of you started to pay special attention to our interior décor now since our home is also our office. From personal space, there is a transition to professional expression as well. So, what better time to improve our loving ambiance and charge it with positive and light-full expression?

beautiful christmas vintage decor 8

Image credit: House Doctor

Making our home a place we and others will enjoy spending the winter mounts is essential not only for the holiday’s festive spirit but also for our emotional and mental health. And here is something from the spirit of Christmas we all may need very much- the promise of hope, the coming of light, and the rebirth of the sun are somethings that just may help us to pass the dark times. Now is a great time to make our home ambiance safe, babul, an expression of our hopes and dreams, a cozy cocoon in which to spend not only the winter times but also the lockdowns! So, the Christmas decoration gets a whole new meaning now, isn’t it?

beautiful christmas vintage decor 9

Image credit: House Doctor

Making our home an expression of hopes and dreams, a comfortable sanctuary, and intention of returning to authenticity can be best achieved thru natural materials and elements, warm, classic colors that connect us to traditions and heritage, and sustainable elements from the décor that will last not only thru crisis but for next generations as well. So, is no wonder that the world’s leading designers pay solemn homage to classic and natural? Sustainability in holiday decoration is also a trend that is sneaking little by little for the last few years. Now it is blooming – glass and pine, ceramics and paper – are all materials that get a huge comeback in the Christmas decorative ornaments and design compositions.

christmas modern rustic decorations 13

Image credit: House Doctor

sustainable christmas decorations 2

Image credit: Kristina Dam Studio

For a full-blown warm experience- the combination from the golden past ( golden being the operative word) has a huge comeback – the entwinement of reed and golden accents, or red and living plants’ green is defiantly a winning combination for festive, welcoming, and warm experience. Just imagine a deep warm red, a jazzy golden sparkle, and the spice of forest green – festive classic if there is ever one!

christmas modern rustic decorations 4

Image credit: Meyer-Lavigne

Another way to go is light, purity, and simplistic elegance. Earth tonalities, classic neutrals, linen, and wood nuances are also very welcoming for your festivities. In addition to their newborn baby – feel and sophisticated warmth, they bring purity and elegance to the Christmas décor composition as well.
This leads us naturally to the bohemian stylistic that also has a strong presence in this season on the world’s design scene- heavy wool textures of warmth and coziness, woven elements and baskets, Berber rugs or handcrafted details introduce that character-defining artist that should be welcomed in any home’s design. And here (in the Boho composed festive stylistic), the neutral beiges and earthly lights, combined with natural linen, are in their right place.

christmas modern rustic decorations 3

Image credit: Rosendahl

Playful tip – when wrapping your Christmas presence – use, instead of glossy, glistering paper, a woven osier or wicker basket – is an additional gift for the receiver, which can be used further, is aesthetically pleasing, and is sustainable! Not to mention that if it’s handcrafted, you will support some artisan’s family for the holidays. Win, win, win situation if there is ever one.

christmas modern rustic decorations 12

Image credit: House Doctor

And to break out from the too good – saint approach towards the Christmas decoration – sustainability, organic, classic… light, love, you know those things- there is the playful young “I don’t care approach” in Christmas decoration picking up a speed. In order to entertain and vitalize without following rules, styles, and trends, the Kitsch stylistic is “coming home” for Christmas. Leaving the well-walked-path this experimentation with colors, shapes, and lights allows originality and boldness in the sense of “it is not necessary for everybody to like me.”

christmas modern rustic decorations 11

Image credit: House Doctor

One can have quite fun with this approach- introducing an abundance of colors and lights throughout your home, bold colors and plenty of sparkles, decorating the Christmas tree and table with unusual objects ( such as vegetables instead of apples, earring accessories instead of glass Christmas toys, cement instead of porcelain and so on) or just wearing hideous Christmas sweater, can be a jolly fun. Corduroy and velvet in bold colors – a combination of blue and mustard or purple and pink are also a fun Kitsch approach for festive home decoration. Experiment, the beauty with Kitsch is – you can’t go wrong!


Image credit: Artilleriet

But getting back on more substantive and serious grounds – you can see from this examples we selected for you, from the world’s design scene that linen, natural objects or decorations reminiscent of natural beauty, sustained in neutral or earthly tonalities creates quite a festive elegance with warm notes and artistic spirit.

beautiful christmas decor 5

Image credit: Bo Bedre

Modern Christmas Color Palette

Let’s explore that subject in depth because from colors comes the mood, from colors, comes the base for the chosen stylistic, and from colors comes the harmony in your home. As you know, there are many researches on the way colors affect our emotional state and psychological recommendations of how to create ambiance in your home that soothes the mood, energizes, or calms the spirit. The warm feel is coded in reds and oranges; yellows are energizing, blue soothing, and calm.

modern christmas color palette 1

Image credit: ferm LIVING

So, what we will choose for this unusual Christmas approaching is of essential importance to make us feel better in those trying days. This year’s trend in Christmas color combinations on the world’s design scene relies on bright, expressive colors in order to energize and improve the mood. Returning to primary colors is also a well-expressed trend – nuances of calming green, ocher, and warm blues, are present this season as well as the past one. The same goes for terracotta and orange nuances, which give the hint of winter fire and warmth of the earth.

modern christmas color palette 7

Image credit: ferm LIVING

The Dulux Color of the year – Brave Ground is also perfect for Christmas decoration items. It can be artistically accompanied by nuances of yellow, red, brown, or blue. Sublimating the festive ambiance by the right color composition can bring you and your loved ones an excellent experience. Warmth and togetherness are the teams for this Christmas needs. There can be dark outside, but there are many ways to bring light in.

modern christmas color palette 5

Image credit: ferm LIVING

modern christmas color palette 6

Image credit: ferm LIVING

The warm browns and terracotta nuances can magnificently express the sleeping earth spirit in entwinement with sparkling details and fire elements. Some vintage and antique décor elements with golden, silver, or copper sparkle can add the ancestry spirit to your warm home ambiance.

modern christmas color palette 2

Image credit: ferm LIVING

How can Christmas be Sustainable?

Our planet’s fragility and over exhaustion become more and more evident for everyone, so when thinking of seasonal decorations or gifts (or even gift wrappings) is not a bad idea to keep that in mind and go organic, degradable, or reusable. In addition to the planet’s ecological crises, an economic one brought by the lockdowns and the loss of income for many households oblige us to think in terms of needs and if it’s right to consume so.

modern christmas color palette 4

Image credit: ferm LIVING

So there is the perfect time in which one can decorate our inner space and home with do it yourself (DIY) techniques and organic natural materials. After all, there is no better expression of the Christmas spirit than the sleeping nature’s gifts – pinе cones, evergreen branches, and red berries. Just be conscious of the trees’ needs when you collect your decoration items.

modern christmas color palette 3

Image credit: Broste Copenhagen

The DIY trend is actually a perfect opportunity to bring joy not only to the receiver but to the giver as well. The artistic expression and the stimulation of creativity during these times is the best way to raise your happy hormone levels during the dark winter days. We speak from experience; a self-made Christmas card brings joy to your friends, to you and adds a special feeling and meaning to the item you created and spend time with before sending the greetings to your family and friends.

green eco friendly Christmas 2

Image credit: H&M Home

The same goes for the present themselves and, of course, the wrapping. A more conscious approach towards each element of the holiday’s experience brings added value and a more joyful feel to it. Here is the time to mention that research shows that the gift wrapping for Christmas presents is a significant polluter in developed economics. Keep that in mind when planning your celebrations; there is no need to create mountains of unrecyclable garbage used just once.

green eco friendly Christmas 1

Image credit: H&M Home

You can achieve a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing effect with recycled paper, textile (reusable) ribbons, natural decorative ornaments, and, as we mentioned earlier, the best gift wrapping – a woven basket or wicker container – a second gift. Artistic idea; you can turn to the Japanese art of Furoshiki – the artistic wrapping in textiles – a perfect way to reuse some beautiful old fabric that can’t be worn anymore.

green eco friendly Christmas 3

Image credit: H&M Home

Another tip and idea for a more sustainable and conscious Christmas – think about the tradition of Christmas tree decoration. There is no need to kill a beautiful living tree from the forest, dress it up, and then throw it out in a few weeks! Plastic imitators are not a much better idea having in mind the plastic pollution of the planet and the more practical problems of dust collecting and storing it somewhere for the rest of the year.

green eco friendly Christmas 4

Image credit: Jotex

You can bring the spirit of living green and that unique pine aroma into your home without hurting, polluting, or destroying it in the name of it. A few branches from a pine tree beautifully arranged in compost ion with decorative ornaments, either glass or even dry fruits and berries, can become a perfect focal center for your Christmas decoration project. And I guarantee you if you take a refreshing walk through the forest you will find more than enough branches and elements fallen on the forest’s ground thanks to wind and snow- so no cutting will be necessary.

green eco friendly Christmas 7

Image credit: Jotex

There are some other very artistic and creative ideas for bringing a Christmas tree spirit into your home. Simple sticks arranged in the shape of a pine tree. Or an airy installation of hanging from the ceiling decorative elements that reminiscent of the shape of a tree. Some of those artistic expressions can be sustained in the minimalist modern stylistic expanding the boundaries of Christmas traditions in decoration. Origami is also a very creative option. Dry fruits and spices are a great idea that expresses the spirit of the holiday quite accurately as well and adds the value of delicious aromas.

green eco friendly Christmas 6

Image credit: Jotex

So, you see, the crisis is actually a great opportunity for us to create a unique, artistic, and thoughtful decorative spirit for this year’s holidays! We can rediscover the beauty of natural decorative elements (Branches, cones, berries, and dry fruits), we can stimulate our creativity and festive spirit in handcrafting the celebratory elements – from decorations to postcards and gift wrappings.

sustainable christmas decorations 7

Image credit: ferm LIVING

sustainable christmas decorations 6

Image credit: ferm LIVING

And we can be sustainable and responsible not only for our finances but towards the beautiful planet we live on. Turning back to traditions and origin – especially when they are as beautiful as natural decorative elements, spending time with family, friends, and loved ones, and respecting the others (humans, animals, and plants) we share the planet with – is the best way to celebrate the holiday of hope and light, the rebirth of the sun, the birth of Christ or just the coming of the new season.

sustainable christmas decorations 3

Image credit: Bo Bedre

sustainable christmas decorations 1

Image credit: Bo Bedre