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Matte Black House Interior by InArch Studio


Elegant modern home composed by InArch Studio in Vilnius. The home features the so trendy entwinement of matte black surfaces and structures with exquisite materials, textures, and pastel colors. The first level of the house hosts the social zones where the kitchen is sustained in clear lined and simplistic elegance with dominating black cabinets and island structure.

inarch apartment vilnius 2

inarch apartment vilnius 3

This deep color reflection is balanced by the pastel lightness of the custom-made blue-gray cabinetry covering the whole entrance wall. Strong black accents punctuate the design, although space. In the open floor plan of kitchen dining and living room areas, modernistic black furniture and structural details alternate with gorgeous wooden cladding and elements, which gives a specific and very trendy visual dynamic to the space. A comfy modular sofa in charcoal gray faces the focal expressive TV and fireplace wall with wooden straps clad curves as a backdrop. Attention towards the smallest details, from tapware and lighting to door hangers and identifying design markers, is typical for the InArch team, so they are present in this project as well.

inarch apartment vilnius 5

inarch apartment vilnius 4

On the second level, where the private areas are located, the strong identity of each bedroom is intertwined with the modern trends and requirements of sophisticated design. One of the bathrooms has a small sauna space- very cool – and is sustained in elegant contemporary stylistics – black and charcoal elements and tapware, massive dark wood paneling, and entwinement of marble and terrazzo. Beautiful and elegant.

inarch apartment vilnius 1

inarch apartment vilnius 8

inarch apartment vilnius 6

The same stylistic distinguishes the master bedroom. Sleek, modern, and dignified. The children’s barrooms – in contrast – have a playful and artistic twist with a strong identity – pops of color, playful structures, and paintings (very stylish and sustained in graffiti stylistics) on the walls. The house becomes a beautiful example of a modern urban family home with a contemporary clean line and strong identification features.

inarch apartment vilnius 9

inarch apartment vilnius 11

inarch apartment vilnius 7

inarch apartment vilnius 14

inarch apartment vilnius 13

inarch apartment vilnius 12

inarch apartment vilnius 16

inarch apartment vilnius 15