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Casa Estudio by Manuel Cervantes Estudio


Many examples of modern interior design, of late, show an increasing search for a close connection with Nature and for a life in maximum natural settings. Seamless connection between inside and out premises, large openings and easy access to surrounding fresh air, the introduction of maximum natural materials used in the composition of the home, different types of indoor and outdoor plant life installations … those a just a small part of the tricks used by contemporary designers in an attempt to create homes of purity and close connection with the planet. Examples of design projects with similar searches come to us from all around the globe. Such is today’s project – Casa Estudio.

casa estudio 18

casa estudio 17

Exquisite textures, stylish volumes, and green paradise design hints compose this home project by Manuel Cervantes Estudio in Mexico City. Intriguingly the architectural idea connects two neighboring volumes in one integral whole via a central patio- a small paradise composed of stone, greenery, and comfy, modern patio furniture – very suited for the climate and relaxing summertime experiences. In juxtaposition to the open air, beautiful trees, and secluded terraces and outdoor spaces, the clear lines of the façade enclose in modern and straightforward geometrical volumes the interior spaces of the home. The richness of the textures – concrete and ceramic bricks complemented by gorgeous wooden structures – is complemented and connected to the surrounding nature and ravine view by large panoramic openings and sliding glass doors.

casa estudio 4

casa estudio 15

The modern feel of the home engraved in the simplistic lines, purity of expression, and dynamic geometrical volumes is beautifully balanced by the natural elements of the materials, colors, and vital plants. The alternation of wooden details (either as beams, paneling – so typical for American warm climate zones – or large furniture pieces, some of which craft-made) with concrete or stone textures makes an immediate impression in this modern housing architectural project. In addition, the gorgeous, hand-made, or bespoke pieces of furniture( just check the clean presence of the wooden bookshelf’s) and trendy terrazzo and stone elements compose a stylish treat to the eye of the observer. Comfy and inviting sitting zones, artistic décor elements, and unusual volumes, corridors, and crones in texturally rich gray, charcoal, or dark brown, make the home a delightful example of modern American interior design.

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