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Brigadeiro Apartament by Nommo Arquitetos


The 130m² apartment, located in a building built in the 1970s in Curitiba, was in its original state when clients – a couple with two teenage daughters – came to the office to have it renovated.

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The project proposed significant changes in the original condition of the property, seeking to bring greater integration of spaces and to update the uses of environments such as the bathroom and utility room, which were underutilized and without natural lighting and ventilation. In addition, the electrical and hydraulic installations and the frames have been completely renovated.

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With the removal of the bathroom that was at the center of the apartment, it was possible to expand the kitchen and put there an island with 3,60m in length, where residents can cook and receive friends. We created a unique and multifunctional element that reinforces the integration between living room and kitchen while organizing the uses of each space. The burgundy cabinets are used for kitchen appliances and serve as a sideboard and buffet in the dining room and as a bookcase in the TV room.

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The main demand from customers was that the space should be easy to clean and maintain, so we opted for a ceramic floor in the social area. In contrast to the color of the cabinets, the other elements have neutral materiality, reflecting the high incidence of natural lighting in the apartment.

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In the bedrooms, the original parquet floor has been restored and new storage spaces have been created. The two daughters received ample study benches and the couple’s room was expanded to receive more built-in cabinets. Architects: Nommo Arquitetos; Area: 130 m²; Year: 2020;

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