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65 Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Your Decorating Inspiration


Blue is a color for which a lot can be said, especially regarding its role in interior decor compositions and mood defining space arrangements for your home. It is a color with significant variation in nuances and hues, each of them possessing the mood defying qualities – the calming feel of baby blue, the deep submerge of navy blue, the chill nuance of the sea, blue-green hues and their energizing touch, and it is believed that the warm and deep shades of blue even stimulate the appetite. So, that makes it perfect for your modern kitchen arrangement, don’t you think?

blue kitchen colour schemes 1 1

The color blue in interior design concepts introduces a strong individuality, and yet it effortlessly becomes a perfect partner for organic surfaces and textures. Apart from its physiological applications for space design, the blue is a classic, times proven choice, especially when it comes to kitchens and bedrooms. And an added bonus is that with all its different shades – think turquoise, teal, cobalt, navy, sapphire, sky, and light blue – there is no lack of styles you can create. Experiment with your imagination and this captivating color. Observing the world design scene’s tendencies, it looks like it is becoming a favorite color to some of the big brands and manufacturers, so there will be no shortage of furniture models and designs for you to choose from.

blue kitchen colour schemes 3

Image credit: HAO Design

Benefits of Introducing Blue into your Modern Kitchen Decors

As this example of bespoke kitchen design, the fresh accent of the blue cabinet surfaces combines beautifully with the untreated wood details of the composition. A luxurious and dramatic feel for your kitchen decor can be achieved by combining blue black or dark navy accents with brass kitchen handles and a statement brass taps. Whatever your design style is, you can use blue on walls, floors, cabinetry, or a backsplash accents. The blue shades are a very trendy substitute for the gray or white kitchen bases of the past.

modern blue kitchen ideas 3

Image credit: Sibling Architecture

modern kitchen design elements 4

Image credit: Sibling Architecture

In reality, the blue accents in the kitchen have their roots in the classic interior design – starting with small details like the China porcelain and the linen kitchen towels with blue embroidery and coming to more contemporary – classic feel designs that introduce surfaces and massive structures in blue. Blue in kitchens is a strong and upcoming trend style. It is quite practical as well for different settings – as we said, it combines gorgeously with organic surfaces: wood, marble or polished concrete and you have a stylish and luxurious kitchen. It is also very suitable for small urban or modern minimalist design. If you have a nostalgic search for a vacation hut or coastal inspired schemes – the light blue and blue rims are your go to colors. Industrial or urban, chic, or lux also can rely heavily on blue nuances in their compositions.

modern kitchen design elements 2

Image credit: Sibling Architecture

modern blue kitchen ideas 8

Image credit: Sibling Architecture

Flexible and creative, the other good news for this color in interior design is that its strong trend had influenced some of the larger design firms and manufacturers to create furniture and appliances lines in a rich variety of different blue shades. Let’s explore in depth what the design scene offers for the effortless creation of your blue kitchen interior decor projects.

Navy Blue Kitchen 1

Image credit: gon architects

Since in 2020 the American color company Pantone had chosen for a “universal favorite” the Classic Blue, the rise of this color has begun. Described as a color that has a reassuring presence, instilling calm, confidence, and connection, the Classic Blue is a rising star on the interior decoration, and it looks like it will straighten its positions in 2021 as well. In fact, two giants – the Dulux and Benjamin Moore companies had proclaimed that blue nuances would be essential for home design and modern furnishing. So we can only expect an enrichment of the design scene with creative and imaginative furniture and decor elements in different blue shades.

classic bluee kitchen

Image credit: Omar Gandhi

The Cobalt Blue is one of the hues that have a strong presence in the kitchen and home interior design concepts. It is said to be associated with communication, introspection, and clarity, quite suiting when you are in the midst of complicated cake recipes or a difficult decision for party dinner. The purification associated with the hues of blue is especially suiting for concentration and helps with its calm presence to re-center thoughts, particularly in light of modern day technology’s accelerated developments. Another benefit (and a good reason to be color of the year) of bringing blue into your kitchen decor is that it is timeless, easily combinative, and elegant in its simplicity. So with its tranquil presence and diverse nature, blue gives a signal that it will be a trendy introduction for a decade to come.

mid century modern kitchen cabinets 5

Image credit: Studio 11

mid century modern kitchen cabinets 3

Image credit: Studio 11

An electric shade of blue called AI Aqua is another hot and trendy insertion from the Blue family coming our way, according to trend forecasting service WGSN. They have a strong tradition of researching in-depth not only development trends in various industries but also socio-economic conditions.

aI aqua kitchen cabinets

Image credit: Home Studios

Bring the outside in with Earth colours – think shades of blue and green, balanced with Dulux Colour of the Year, Brave Ground. Night Seas and Mysterious Teal tones work well styled up with natural wood, reclaimed furniture, shapely ceramics and indoor plants.

blue kitchen cabinets 6

Image credit: list studio

For the lovers of the more vintage look, the blue hues, as we said, are timeless classics, so they combine effortlessly with reclaimed furniture, cozy greenery, and living plants, and charming cottage designs. Modern or Retro, Modern Boho or Industrial, Urban or Rural – blue has its siting power with whenever design style you choose.

retro blue kitchen ideas 1

Image credit: Sans-Arc Studio

Vintage Modern Kitchen Decor in Blue

Just like preparing a delicious gourmet meal, the stylish design requires the right and well-measured mixture of ingredients and spices. One of the best combinations for on-trend kitchen composition nowadays entwines the charm of times past (when handcrafted details, precious and organic materials, and artistic details were the backbone of every home) with the best innovations and practical insertions which a high-tech industry can offer. And, of course, the clean modern stylistic that makes us all feel right and at home.

Combining those elements is a first prize-winning design idea for a kitchen. Uniting retro accents with modern emendates is a fine art in contemporary design with many magnificent examples, some of which we have selected for you. A room that feels both vintage and modern requires specific balance and equilibrium, which executed right creates a masterpiece, just like a gourmet dish prepared by a renowned chef.

mid century modern kitchen design elements 2

Image credit: 2LG Studio

There are some essential ingredients that the vintage modern kitchen design requires. Modern features, rustic elements, and industrial inspired accents all spiced up by character defying colors and materials selection – blue combined with brass, terracotta, wood, and suiting white is a winning combination for a retro-inspired modern kitchen. Let’s explore in detail some iconic modern designs and the elements that compose them.

modern marble kitchen design 2

Image credit: nimtim architects

modern marble kitchen design 3

Image credit: nimtim architects

Keeping up with the modern design requirements: clean lines and luminous feel, good materials choices, and functional space is a good start for a vintage modern kitchen design. All-encompassing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry (decided in a preferred shade of blue) and the classic rims on the cabinetry doors are also the right solution for a functional modern kitchen with a hint of artistic retro. The entwinement of materials: wood and brick, shining metal, or just a glamorous touch of brass and copper-is also quite trendy on the world design scene. Creating a contrast between black accents, clean-cut marble benchtop, or artistic tile compositions is also a winning choice.

modern vintage kitchen

Image credit: nimtim architects

A Statement Pendant Light

One element from the past that can create a strong retro statement without overwhelming the space is a stylish pendant lamp. There are some iconic and renowned choices you can add to your blue retro kitchen. Or a modern replica with stylish appearance.

Contrasting Vintage Appliances

We all have seen a cute vintage refrigerator with rounded corners and shining metal door handles or a charming oven with lion legs and cast-iron details- they are undoubtedly a thing of beauty. They can become an excellent focal accent to your modern blue kitchen. The good news is that manufacturers nowadays create those visual styles with current technology requirements. Deep navy blue is an excellent addition to such stylistics.

modern farmhouse kitchen 4

Image credit: 2LG Studio

Two-Toned Combinations

As we spoke before, introducing specific nuances of blue (in combination with white and blond wood) has their roots in classic and vintage kitchen traditions, so that is one retro hint down for a vintage-modern composition. Two-toned combinations, wallpapers, or tiles with intriguing patterns are another fun and energetic way to give individuality to your kitchen.

retro kitchen ideas 1

Image credit: Urban Mesh

Bright Blue Kitchen Cabinets and Complementary Walls

Again, a play with colors will bring the vibe of freedom and warmth so suitable for the home’s heart. Light blue with golden accents or turquoise with orange elements gives an energetic vibe and brightens even a small space creating an illusion of spaciousness and light dynamics. Using the two-toned approach for cabinetry and backsplash is a great way to develop individuality, style, and introduce the vibe you like in your vintage-modern blue kitchen.

retro kitchen ideas 2

Image credit: Becki Owens

Wood Paneled Walls

Noting implies vintage like reclaimed wood, craft made cabinetry, cooking boards or kitchen tables of massive wooden planks are the best- that old charm is a beautiful addition to any design kitchen: modern, industrial, classic or even minimal. Just one focal piece or the whole kitchen composition – old or organic wooden element goes beautifully with any shade of blue.

modern farmhouse kitchen 3

Image credit: Hoffman Woodward

Art Deco Kitchen Cabinets

As you know, we love the Boho chic stylistic, and the Art deco design elements also always bring warmth, vitality, and artistic style. The kitchen being a personal space, is the center of the family life and essential domestic functions, so, is often called the heart of the home (especially in an open layout plan with the rest of the social zones). So, introducing here some artistic inspirations, organic insertions, and strong individuality accents is totally in order. The gorgeous blue cabinets can be wonderfully matched with golden (brass or copper) hardware – tapware, door handles, iconic lamps, and other sparkly accents. Both trendy and stylish, the Boho-inspired, delicate patterns on tiles for flooring or backsplash are also totally on-trend and in the artistic zone. Contrastive shades of blue will complete the picture.

modern vintage kitchen 6

Image credit: White Arrow

modern vintage kitchen 3

Image credit: White Arrow

modern vintage kitchen 5

Image credit: White Arrow

Modern Marble Kitchen Design

And speaking of reclaimed or organic wood, tile insertions, and golden metal spark, let’s not forget the classic that is always modern and on style – the marble. The usage of this precious material in kitchen compositions is still stylish but also a practical choice. Durable and beautiful, easy to maintain, and offering elegance to design arrangement, what more can a home owner want?

kitchen design marble countertops 2

Image credit: Pleysier Perkins

Honestly, marble is such a versatile material that monographs can be written for it. It has endless potential for mix-and-match combinations, is responsive to all – modern, industrial, vintage or minimal design compositions, and at the same time introduces that timeless vibe that is very suitable for long term usage.
One of our favorite introductions of marble is the simple two- materials-max style composition – very much in sync with the “ less-is-more” approach trend in modern design. A two-tone color combination (one blue for freshness) introduces a clean and modern vibe to the kitchen composition, and with the presence of marble, one keeps the design classic and elegant.

kitchen design marble countertops 1

Image credit: Pleysier Perkins

kitchen design marble countertops 3

Image credit: Pleysier Perkins

As we said- marble is a versatile material, it can be used not only in different combinations but also in various positions in the design arrangement. The classic focal usage of marble is as top-on the kitchen island, but it can also clad walls, splash-bacs, cabinetry, or even floors in the form of tile arrangements. A contrasting statement of Marble Island with wooden cabinets is also a hot trend with modern designers. Some of them go in-depth, examining what kind of marble goes best with which color. Here is what Jamie Blake of Blakes London says about the combination of blue with marble: ” Blue, for instance, looks best with Statuario, Carrara and most white-based marbles with blue or grey-bleeding veins. Why? because whites look whiter with blue surrounding, and the bleeds really stand out.”

modern marble kitchen design 8

Image credit: Biasol

modern marble kitchen design 7

Image credit: Biasol

Marble kitchen insertions somehow invite straight lines, clear shapes, and overall simplistic aesthetics of silhouettes. Cabinet doors with no handles are an epitome of modern and minimal kitchen design stylistics, and one last tip for marble kitchen insertions- navy blue makes a dramatic contrast to snow-white marble: it’s a classic and simple combination, which will keep everyone in the family happy no matter their taste in design.

marble kitchen design ideas 4

Image credit: Full Of Grace Interiors

marble kitchen design ideas 5

Image credit: Full Of Grace Interiors

Small Kitchen Concept

The global situation with space and housing requires from modern designers and architects to think creatively when it comes to limited urban space and home design. We follow closely different trends and innovations for functional and stylish solutions for small urban apartments (folding future and walls, double functions, and creative spatial and color arrangements bring fascinating and intriguing solutions for limited space. When it comes to designing small kitchen premises, here are some tips and examples you may find helpful.

blue kitchen cabinets holte 8

Image credit: HØLTE

Use clear lines and minimalist cabinetry and appliances compositions. Double functions or hiding walls and panels enclosing a kitchen corner in an open space layout are also functional, trendy, and stylish. A neutral or light color palette is also a suitable direction because it creates spaciousness and lightness in the spatial composition. On that light or neutral base, a pop of color will bring that contemporary, homey, and vibrant vibe that modern designers are so fond of. Combining all of this with metallic details and sparkle of edgy gray metal or warmer brass or cooper details ( it can be tapware, handles, or lamps) is a good way to go towards a well-measured aspect of a blend between modern, classic, industrial, or other styles. And you can compose all of that even in a small kitchen setting.

blue kitchen cabinets holte 9

Image credit: HØLTE

Here we have an intriguing geometrical composition for a U shaped blue kitchen, creation of a collaboration process between Dar HI and French designer Matali Crasset, this open kitchen concept gives spatial dynamic and intriguing character to the space. The entwinement of sleek shining metal surfaces and refreshing and relaxing blue shades create a chill vibe for the restaurant arrangement—modern, artistic, and light.

U shaped blue kitchen 1

Image credit: Matali Crasset

Another U-shaped kitchen arrangement utilizes the spatial structure in a creative way, including the panoramic window and door into the design composition of the kitchen zone. Poot architectuur had created this kitchen design in such a manner that the limited space is used in a maximum capacity. The light and clear-lined cabinetry composition complements the two-toned division between the base and upper functions. Blue cabinetry with white tops gives additional visual spaciousness to the project.

U shaped blue kitchen 3

Image credit: Poot architectuur

Another two-tone decor for a small kitchen zone: blue base white tops and trendy metro tiles for a splash-back – a classic and unpretentious composition with good connivance. A clever position of the double corner sink utilizes space without compromising with functionality.

small blue kitchen zone 2

Image credit: CCPM Arquitectos

Cozy, tiny apartment in the newly developed living area in Vilnius, composing a lineal progression for the kitchen appliances, the minimalist design offers a spacious feel between the polished concrete floors, the white walls, and the trendy blue cabinetry.

small kitchen zone 5

Image credit: YCL studio

Here we have a magnificent example of how to create a hidden kitchen presence. Sliding panels in a trendy deep blue color enclose or open a kitchen zone composition by Fala Atelier from the Portuguese architecture studio. It is cool how they had transformed an old house in Porto into a contemporary and trendy home design.

small kitchen zone fala atelier

Image credit: Fala Atelier

Modern small kitchen design by gut gut. Turquoise tones and white color in walls turn this tiny kitchen into an inviting place with clever custom-made storage space on the left. The sing metal of the refrigerator gives a good contrast with the whitewashed brick. The nature of the blue color (and most of its shades) is so that it combines beautifully with exposed, red-brick structures. The entwinement of fresh and warm, rough, and smooth is the new hot trend in interior kitchens design. And modern interior artists have a lot of beautiful designs from which you can draw inspiration. Let’s explore.

small kitchen zone

Image credit: gut gut

Exposed Brick in the Vibrant Blue Kitchen

The original brick structure’s versatile character defines its creative and inspired application in large or small spaces, modern- industrial or modern vintage- stylistics, as an accent or as an architectural base. You will be surprised how much just a small parcel or red brick wall can bring into the interior composition’s stylistic. In reality, the exposed brick walls define one of the latest trends in modern kitchens and introduce that spicy originality, which emphasizes simple interior compositions.

exposed brick kitchen 2

Image credit: Liddicoat & Goldhill

exposed brick kitchen 7

Image credit: Liddicoat & Goldhill

exposed brick kitchen splashback 1

Image credit: Liddicoat & Goldhill

The rich textural presence of the rough yet warm structure brings a certain hint of welcoming atmosphere and vintage originality. Suitable for many kitchen styles, the exposed red brick décor detail or original architectural future combines beautifully with different shades of blue – dark or vibrant, light or pastel – in the modern kitchen design. This versatile feature also welcomes additional materials richness – metal beams, frames or banisters, cement floors or concrete structures, organic wood, or marble are all beautifully combined with a brick wall in your modern blue kitchen.

exposed brick kitchen splashback 5

Image credit: Home style

Shining trendy metal, rich brick texture, and deep blue cabinetry – what a layering!

Sometimes it can be challenging to decide which of the many beautiful brick variations will be best in your kitchen composition. Because the fact is, the interior brick walls are genuinely versatile – they can vary in colors, texture, sizes, and patterns, or as an interior overall fell- industrial, vintage, minimal. But they always introduce that artistic and rich textural nuance that can be beneficial no matter its overall design.

Whether you choose the classic red clay or more creamy, gray, or painted white, black or gray face of the brick structure that accent you introduce into your home, or kitchen more specifically, is always with one – of a kind vibe. Using contrasting white filling and fugues is also a hot and trendy possibility that sits well in both brick and tile compositions. And as we mentioned before – the flexibility in style makes them a fabulous addition to classic as well as industrial, modern, or Boho home interiors.

exposed brick kitchen 6

Image credit: Intervention Architecture

So, let’s surmise again- brick walls are beautiful, durable, and almost maintenance-free architectural features that blend well with all traditional and contemporary materials. Their overall aesthetics introduces warm, textural artistry, and intriguing character. A single brick wall in a kitchen and dining room composition undoubtedly becomes a rich focal accent with strong influence and presence. It is also great that it combines effortlessly with many different materials, colors, and settings.

exposed brick kitchen 5

Image credit: Intervention Architecture

Even a small – partial insertion of a brick structure gives a wonderful visual accent. In one of the projects below, a small brick parcel of a wall enveloped magnificently with the black metal structure compliments the concrete ceiling.

kitchen brick accent walls 1

Image credit: Rust Architects

Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets

Another hot and trendy design touch you can combine with your modern blue kitchen is the two-tone cabinet composition. Quite popular on the world’s design scene, the “two-tone kitchen cabinets” can offer some striking visual combinations. The two different cabinetry colors can include a contrast between the kitchen island and the rest of the cabinetry, or the two-toned play can vary between the kitchen tops, plots, and bases. Or, it could refer to a kitchen where half the cabinets are one color and half are another, contrasting shade. This versatile combination can come in many forms, and throwing in a brick wall accent is quite a felicitous idea as well.

two tone kitchen cabinets island 6

Image credit: R2 Studio Architects

two tone kitchen cabinets island 7

Image credit: R2 Studio Architects

Here we have selected some stylish modern kitchen two-toned ideas for you with the participation of a blue base. Some compositions include contrasting colors – like blue and sunny yellow; some have a painted cabinetry alternating with natural color wood cabinets. The contrast between pained color and materials (either wood, brick, metal, or cement) is also a modern two-toned kitchen touch. Incorporating a two-tone design into your kitchen is a great way to enhance the space. The visual dynamics created between contrasting surfaces bring much into the spatial composition and your kitchen project’s unique character. In recent years, many homeowners have realized that utilizing two-color kitchen cabinets is a great way to create a beautiful, on-trend, and unique kitchen space.

two tone kitchen cabinets 2

Image credit: Ola Studio

two tone kitchen cabinets island 5

Image credit: Allison Pye

Try a Contrasting Material

So, apart from the very trendy approach of using two-toned kitchen cabinets, the brick wall access, and the play of stylistics (classic, vintage, industrial), here is another tip of how to make your kitchen space both on-trend and unique. Because creating a contrasting kitchen in two primary colors can be a bit too much for some (especially when one of the colors is the intense blue) we can offer you a different approach that will bring versatility and visual dynamics- choose a material that complements the undertones in your primary color. As we had discussed previously, the blue base can be beautifully matched with different tones of wood – blond for lighter compositions or red for a dramatic effect with the navy. Metal in different color variations (either as trendy black frames, jazzy brass, or cooper ornaments or as a bold-colored accent) is also an excellent choice to create dynamics without overbearing the space.

two tone kitchen cabinets 3

Image credit: RUST architects

two tone kitchen cabinets 4

Image credit: InArch

Use White as a Neutral

White is an excellent way to achieve a harmonious balance. Don need to follow the two-toned idea to a fault- choosing a trio of colors is a well-established design trick that brings a well-measured appearance. It’s often referred to it as the 60-30-10 rule. For color selection, it translates to 60% of a dominant color, 30% of a secondary color, and 10% for the accent color. And in cases of modern two-toned kitchen cabinets, the white is the 10% addition that brings visual ease to the composition. It is also a good trick to extend space – for example, painting the upper row of cabinets and kitchen appliances in light hue and leaving the base row in darker shades extends the visual height of a space.

white blue kitchen cabinets 4

Image credit: Luke Moloney Architecture

white blue kitchen cabinets 2

Image credit: Richard King Design

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Well, choosing to paint your cabinets in the darker tonalities: navy, sapphire, or cobalt – is defiantly a bold design touch that will pay in spades if appropriately executed. Darker hues work in both traditional and modern kitchen designs, as well as in-the-middle transitional aesthetics. They are a great way to accentuate an island of a favorite structure and bring that glamorous (and slightly formal) feel into your home design. Deep blue beautifully combines with dark wood finishes, white and light-to-medium gray surfaces, and shiny silver or gold metallic elements.

dark blue kitchen cabinets 6

Image credit: Kart Projects

dark blue kitchen cabinets 4

Image credit: Kart Projects

As you can see from this rather extensive article on modern blue kittens, the varieties and combinations which one can enjoy from contemporary designers and manufacturers are very rich and almost infinite. Earthly accents, organic materials, other bold colors, sparkly metals, and different stylistics are quite accommodating to the versatile shades of blue. So do not overthink it, just dive in – is the color of oceans, after all.

dark blue kitchen cabinets 2

Image credit: Anne Sophie Goneau Design

dark blue kitchen cabinets 7

Image credit: Reflect Architecture