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A&A Apartment by LoCa Studio


Playing with the space’s intriguing shape, the designers from LoCa Studio created this modern apartment for a young couple with a dynamic composition of the social areas and materials palette dominated by organic and light elements.

apartment loca studio 10

apartment loca studio 8

Using the long façade of the building for maximum light penetration and the corner shape of the apartment for dynamic spatial arrangement; unexpected turns and inside window openings amid internal spaces – at the small office corner, for example, or the transition between kitchen island and dining space – give a playful character to the modern composition. A high ceiling with white pained structural beams adds spaciousness and a dynamic feel to the design.

apartment loca studio 6

The abundance of timber panels alternating with white and gray structural elements create organic, light, and pure ambiance. Adding some very trendy architectural tricks for small urban premises, like the sliding glass doors separating private from social zones – the design team enhanced further the light feel of the apartment’s design and achieved the clever design goal – a home that seems bigger than it is.

apartment loca studio 5

apartment loca studio 9

Some textural elements like the carpets give additional warmth to the premises and compliment beautifully (in a rustic stylistic hint) the wooden structures and light timber design elements. The blue-gray accents on cabinets and structural elements as well as on floors and decorative items add freshness to the organic composition between white and light wood.

apartment loca studio 7

Although narrow and with unconventional shape (again), the bathroom offers a trendy entwinement between the white metro tiles and the wooden elements of the stylish design. This apartment is a wonderful example of how with a restrained color palette, and with the alternation of few materials, one can achieve a beautiful, modern feel of a home with organic emanation. Photos: Pol Viladoms;

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apartment loca studio 2

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