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Natural Materials and Warm Tones can Exude a Modern Spirit – PORTAL Apartment by OBRIY


The search for a close connection with nature and purity in living stylistics is achievable, even in the most urban setting. OBRIY architects prove it with their new project- the light-filled apartment in central Kyiv, Ukraine. Using natural materials – warm, earthy tones, and innovative design approaches the design team created this beautiful, soft ambiance reminiscent of the earth clay womb in modern translation. Framing the city’s urban view in trendy black metal frames and panoramic windows, the designers created a beautiful juxtaposition between the city’s skyline and the warm earthly feel of the color and materials chosen to compose this modern interior composition.

obriy kiev apartment 3

obriy kiev apartment 2

The clever entwinement between modern urban and pure organic continues in the base composition of the design – polished concrete floors contrast and at the same time compliment the wooden structure and furniture elements. Sand- toned design items and furniture alternate with white and black details, giving dynamic and modern purity. Special plaster-wall coverage straightens the earthly, clay-like feel of the overall space. In an open-floor plan composition, the kitchen area (with its monolith structure and white kitchen island) connects with the dining zone – which offers a beautiful, modern set of a bleached American ash table and chairs.

obriy kiev apartment 1

obriy kiev apartment 12

Here the contemporary feel of the straight lines and the custom-made elements is emphasized by the trendy fixtures created by the Australian designer Amee Allsop. This elegant entwinement between modern shapes and organic ingredients continues in the open-plan arrangement of the social areas with the living room’s dynamic and clear- lined design. Modular sofa with comfy shapes and neutral color design can be arranged in different inviting and comfy compositions according to the owners and their guests’ needs and settings. The designers achieved quite a felicitous balance between cozy organic feel (established mainly by the selection of colors and materials) and modernistic, light feel of clear lines, glass insertions, and luxurious minimalism.

obriy kiev apartment 8

obriy kiev apartment 16

The bedroom and the master bathroom also offer some intriguing and modern features executed in the pure and organic stylistics characteristic of this project. An elevated bed platform with integrated LED illumination underneath creates a floating- on- air sensation for the space of rest. Combining Asian stylistics (wooden bed platforms is very trendy on the world design scene) and purity of lines characteristic for modern minimalism. The designers create a well-balanced ambiance with bout comfort and style. The bathroom is also an epitome of contemporary stylistics; all black fixtures (from the ceramice gallassia collection) create dynamic contrast with the trendy tile selection. The walls are covered with tiles from the ‘set’ collection by Sant Agostino ceramics.

obriy kiev apartment 4

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