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Soda Coffee Tables Made Entirely from Blown Murano Glass


Italian manufacturer, Miniforms, has teamed up with designer Yiannis Ghikas to create the Soda coffee table collection. Made entirely from blown Murano glass, the tables are available in two sizes and two colors: bold amber and elegant petrol green.

blown glass coffee tables soda collection 5

Named after one of the three main elements of glass, the Soda tables utilize the material’s transparency and the geometry of Yiannis Ghikas‘ design to create a play of light and shadow. Different shapes are formed as the viewer’s perspective changes. if you look at the table from a certain edge, you see darker parts due to the way the layers of glass overlap one another.

blown glass coffee tables soda collection 2

Soda was born upside-down and with a puff of air. Each piece weighs around 20 kilos and is blown, drawn-out and shaped by three master glassmakers. The result is a single volume of glass with three large petals forming the stem. When crafting the tables, the highly skilled artisans of Murano also have to carefully adjust a complex system of burners to keep the same temperature throughout the mold, which is essential to create the final ‘hammered’ surface texture.

blown glass coffee tables soda collection 4

As well as highlighting the craftsmanship of these italian artisans, the style of this collection also reflects the Miniforms brand: it’s iconic, simple, colorful, and even ‘funky’. ‘We have a light-hearted approach to design and soda reflects this attitude. Also, we love to mix traditional elements of the past, like working with murano glass, and insert them in a contemporary environment. An aphorism that we remind ourself sometimes is ‘it’s ok to look at the past, just don’t stare.” – Miniforms;

blown glass coffee tables soda collection 3

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