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Aláfia Apartment by Semerene Arquitetura Interior


The apartment is located in Asa Sul, a quiet and tree filled neighborhood in Brasília, where the oldest blocks are located. An adventurous couple, both Brazilians, who have visited countless places, mainly African countries. They also bring with them many memories of Lisbon, where they lived for a few years, as well as unforgettable places like Morocco. From their trips, they always bring objects with some story to tell, like the collection of African masks. In addition, they love to cook, host friends and both hold the modernist architect of Brasilia as a strong reference.

alafia apartment 4

The residents cultivate detachment and own only what they consider to be essential. Although they love to read, they often donate books, clothes and anything that is out of use. They prefer a small apartment, yet well located and tailored to the essentials of everyday life. The residents carried with them memories of countless trips around the world and wanted their new home to tell their story. In addition, they would like to transform the small apartment into a spacious environment, integrated with the outdoor greenery, focusing on living areas and valuing what is essential in everyday life.

alafia apartment 5

With the renovation, the guideline was to minimize the walls to enhance and integrate living areas, increase cross ventilation and natural lighting. Thus, the third bedroom was eliminated and became the dining room, directly facing the kitchen and separated from the living room only by a short wall where the TV is located. The kitchen occupied the place where the laundry area and the bathroom used to be. The cobogó(hollow brick), previously hidden, now became the protagonist of the space.

alafia apartment 3

The second bedroom is now reversible, ready to host guests with privacy, but it can also be opened to the living room most of the time, through glass and iron doors. The renovation has now 2 bathrooms, one in the couple’s suite and another right at the entrance to the apartment. The new laundry room was moved to make visible the cobogó(hollow brick). The choice of materials has taken into account quality, durability and ease of maintenance, but also the feeling that this material conveys. The idea of ​​organicity and connection with nature can be experienced with the use of wood, cement and brick.

alafia apartment 6

The cement tile, handmade and traditional, is not just a common finishing, but a choice with emotional meanings. Therefore, it was used not only on the kitchen floor but also on the counter top to gain a new status. All inspirations were translated by using natural and neutral tones, with a rustic texture, such as white brick, cement and wood; childhood memories were translated into the choice of the cement tile, the color and shapes of the kitchen mill work.

alafia apartment 2

The client’s collection of trips, memories and objects helped to gradually configure the features of the project. The Mediterranean architecture, with its arches, the grandmother’s kitchen, filled with emotional elements, in addition to the objects brought from Africa, which have a strong connection with nature and our origins. The result is an atmosphere with a strong connection with nature, which brings memories of distant lands and memories in constant construction. Photos: Joana França;

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