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House at a Vineyard in Lake Zurich by Think Architecture


Intriguing house with a Zen outside porch features a sitting zone and a living element in its center – beautiful, harmonic, and relaxing. The designers from Think Architecture followed closely the modern trend of connecting the interior with the charming exterior and turning it into extended borders between the contemporary minimalism of the interior design of the home (monochrome palette and clear lines with a hint of Asian stylistic) with the charming, lush gardens and patios surrounding the house.

think architecture haus 15

think architecture haus 19

Located near a vineyard and the Lake Zurich, the hose fully enjoys the surrounding views. The simple, modern, and symmetrical plan layout of the home offers a clean experience of the best combinations between nature and modern stylistics. Using precious natural materials- different types of wood, linen, wicker, marble, and the trendy brass, copper, and black metal framed glass the design team created an elegant, stylish, and simplistically- luxurious modern interior décor composition.

think architecture haus 4

The layout offers a free flow not only between different sink-in levels of the home’s premises but also a maximum connection with the outside premises throughout vast panoramic windows. The beautiful gardens surrounding the home are designed by Enea and offer an inviting pool premise and a rich symphony of flowers and beautiful plants. The simplistic lines of the décor composition and comfortable minimalist furnishing (with beautiful modern design furniture pieces) give the art collection and the iconic lighting elements a standing presence.

think architecture haus 2

A monochrome color palette, spaciousness, and simplicity define this modern home design. Gorgeous and massive kitchen island with marble (terrazzo ) countertop is the center of the open layout kitchen. On the other end of the premise, an impressive, long, redwood table offers the hosts the possibility of large dinner parties. sunken lounge, clear lines, pottery, and overall organic simplicity give a hint of Asian stylistic influence – modern Beauty. Photos by Simone Bossi.

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