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Mountain House by Archholiks


Entwining rural charm with modern stylistic, this family home designed by Archholiks architecture studio is located on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Mošovce, Slovakia. Thoroughly enjoying the beautiful surroundings, the interior, as well as the exterior, draw their inspiration from the aesthetic tradition of the local buildings in terms of materials, roof shape, and the general organic feel of the home.

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The design team created a perfectly balanced ambiance for the inhabitants to enjoy the mountain scenery in a chalet-like home that possesses all the modern functions and comfort t of contemporary design. Polished concrete and blond wood intertwine into a harmonious, organic one. Absolut delight; let’s explore.

mountain house archholiks 2

Extending from a singular rectangular base into a spatial game with different levels and unusual shapes, the architectural arrangement presents a dynamic and flexible spatial configuration for a family home. We love how the U-shaped kitchen extends through another level to a living room and a working space. The daily platform offers a cozy soft gray arrangement and a juxtaposition between absolutely frameless, picturesque window view and solid, build in, concrete fireplace.

mountain house archholiks 3

Freedom of endless mountain views and the comfort of stability and organic warmth entertained in one. On this level, a small working corner with custom build book-shelf and works desk space resigns as well. The cute pink chair is a wink to the kitchen and dining room design- “you are welcome here as well”. The interior décor of the house’s overall aesthetics is simple with monochrome colors- mails organic wood, gray concrete, and black or pastel pink details. On this “pure shape – light color” base, the play of light, space, and views gets the leading role, and the design team used the base of the organic materials as a complement to the location and modern lifestyle.

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Cozy bedrooms and stylish and pure as emanation bathroom zones continue to unfold throughout the home’s different levels. Using transparent separations between premises – Plexiglas, fishing nets, or just a dynamic leveling – the architects allow the natural light to penetrate as deep as possible. Illuminated by windows on both sides, the kitchen space, for example, offers a simplistic in shape and colors alternation of custom-made black details and structures and blond-wood planks, surfaces, and stripes – beautiful and simple, yet with very stylish individual appearance. The same entwinement of wood and black custom made accents (mainly trendy black metal frames) can be observed in the other premises of the home.

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