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Stool Collection by Daniel Schofield for PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED


The Crofton Stool collection, designed by Daniel Schofield for PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED, gives an understated nod to elegant Asian design traditions whilst embracing honest, natural pinewood. Pine is one of the most common types of wood in the Nordics and it paves the way to working with local materials in the design of new Scandinavian furniture.

crofton stools 1

“The Crofton Stool represents something quite light and easy, in our selection of stools. Its design is very Scandinavian, and we wanted to highlight that by producing it entirely from Nordic pine, which basically grows in our backyards”, says Creative Director of PWTBS, Thomas Ibsen.

crofton stools 3

In many ways, the material has become a key feature of the Crofton Stool. By working exclusively with the highest quality of pine, and refining its natural look with a great attention to detail e.g. by following the grain of the wood in placing each piece and working with a subtle wood stain for a smooth and elegant surface expression. Another winning feature of pine is how well it ages, the more you use it, the more beautiful its surface will become.

crofton stools 4

“The aim was to create a robust stool with a slender width whilst still retaining comfort. The purpose for this is to maximise space at bar and work areas whilst giving a relaxing sit for long or more informal seating periods. The gentle curves and strong silhouette add to the inviting nature”, explains designer Daniel Schofield on his approach to creating the Crofton Stool, which name is a nod to the area of London in which he lives – Crofton Park.

crofton stools 5

“I believe that no detail should exist without reason, so I take a reductive approach to materials, form and function. I try to solve problems in the simplest possible way, removing anything that is unnecessary, and distilling the result into a clean, honest, and understated aesthetic, with the aim to create useful, understandable and timeless products”, says designer Daniel Schofield.

crofton stools 2