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FF Apartment by Studio 2 Arquitetura e Interiores


Integrating common spaces, enhancing circulation and refreshing old elements were the three main premises followed in the renovation of this 283 sqm in Águas Claras, located in the greater Brasilia, DF. The existing trustdue to the longstanding relationship between the owners and the architects Alex Claver and Wilker Medeiros, from Studio2 Arquitetura e Interiores, made this project possible. In the last 3 years the architects duohas renovated13 shops owned by the couple as well as projected the previous family home.

ff apartment studio 2

Owners of chain of bakeries, the clients wanted the kitchen to be the centerpiece of the apartment, with an open plan floor and a special place to showcase their collection of stand mixers. The space formerly dedicated to the service area was incorporated to the main living area and encircled by sliding doors encased in the walls. A central island of Mont Blanc quartz is now surrounded by grey and wood coloured custom cabinets by Bontempo.

ff apartment studio 7

An original small balcony was incorporated into the large open-plan living room. From the large window in the living room one can see the green area of the Águas Claras Park. The abundant natural light is multiplied by the use of porcelain tiles (Calacata, 1x1m, from Decortiles), that are also used in all common areas of the apartment and offers a striking contrast with the Fardowingchair, signed by Ricardo Fasanello. The swing chair Pêndulo, by Ruy Ohtake, came from the old family residence and recalls their origin in the Northeast region of Brazil.

ff apartment studio 1

Concrete pillars and beams create a niche for an olive tree and Jerusalem photos by artist Alva Pinheiro. Another highlight is the Mont Blanc quartz rough bench near the pillar where small objects are displayed. In the dining room travertine marble tiles add texture to the sidewall which is highlighted by the built-in lights in the ceiling. The next space, dedicated to the TV room, uses MDF panels to create a soundproof effect.The small balcony became an eating area when integrated into the apartment.

ff apartment studio 6

ff apartment studio 3

Vinyl flooring was used to add warmthin the private areas. In the master suite a mural with a marble design frames the bed. To create different moods in the space the architects designed a special lighting project. The bathroom has a double shower instead of a bathtube, as well as double sink vanities, all part of the wish list of the owner. The whole renovation took 8 months from project to delivery of the keys. Architects: Studio2 Arquitetura e Interiores; Area: 283 m²; Year: 2020; Photographs: Joana França;

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